Endorsements key – Vote Nicholson

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Endorsements key – Vote Nicholson

August 08, 2018 - 19:39
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To put the timing of this in perspective, this is being written only six short days before the August 14th primary elections. Many may see this after the primary in which case it might seems like “old news” but it may have merit leading into the November general election.

Earlier this year I shared some thoughts on endorsements. That was before the February primary leading into the April non-partisan election. At that point I said I was still undecided about the US Senate contest looming between State Senator Leah Vukmir and the Marine, Kevin Nicholson. Now, some six or seven months later, I am favoring Kevin Nicholson for the Republican nominee for US Senate. Both are qualified and viable candidates, and when I evaluate the many considerations concerning the candidates for US Seante, both are markedly better than the incumbent.

The former Marine, Kevin Nicholson, has some great endorsements. State Senator Vukmir has some big name endorsements that seemed to key on not why she is so good but rather why her opponent is not so good. Specifically, Nicholson is a “former Democrat” and an “outsider”.

The list of “former Democrats” that have been or are prominent in the Republican Party is noteworthy. President Trump, former President Ronal Reagan, former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, former Texas Governor and now Energy Secretary Rick Perry, White House Economic Advisor Larry Kudlow, and the current Governor of West Virginia are just a few that come to mind. I have friends that are “former Democrats” that are offended that, according to Vukmir’s endorsements, they are not welcome in the Republican Party. Kevin Nicholson is not only a “former Democrat” but was once the President of the National College Democrats organization so I would suggest we talk about his passion for public service and his leadership qualities as a college kid and the learning experiences he had then.

Vukmir’s endorsements also brought up that Kevin Nicholson is an “outsider” to the Republican political establishment. What was now US Senator Ron Johnson before the Republican State Convention in 2010 when he received the party endorsement? What was then candidate Trump when he beat out sixteen other party-faithful presidential candidates? The current and former Congressmen from Wisconsin’s 8th Congressional District were both “outsiders” when they ran for Congress and won. Do these establishment Republicans only recognize career politicians (or in Vukmir’s case second career)? I believe as 2018 comes to a conclusion, people will recognize that this was the year of the outsider.

Don’t misquote me. State Senator Leah Vukmir is a worthy candidate with her 15 years of experience in the State Legislature, her primary profession as a nurse, her passion for education, her being a “military mom”, and she has the support of the Madison establishment. I just think Kevin Nicholson is the much better candidate not only because of his military experience (former Marine with a Bronze Star), his education, his family values, and his experience as a business consultant; but because, when nominated, he will win the election with votes from faithful Republicans, independents, dissatisfied Democrats, “former Democrats” and “outsiders”. And, when elected he will then faithfully serve all the citizens of Wisconsin.

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I too intend to vote for Nicholson, but with some sadness. I counted Leah among my friends. But on openness in government (she is against,) on Common Core (initially opposed, but "saw the light" in favor of Guv Walker's position,) and in her support of corporate welfare (notably, Bucks arena, support of WEDC aka "Walker Donor Rewards Program and FOXCONN) she virtually tore up and stomped on my support. The fact that she has reliably been an endorser of the establishment is also a strong negative.

Nicholson's support of military adventurism scares me a bit, but on that issue, there is not the thickness of a sheet of paper between the positions of the two. I also suspect that Kevin will be more of a listener, and will give him the opportunity to prove that.

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