Raymond Boland's blog

Last evening Americans decided our nation's course for the next four years. For many of us their decision was surprising and for most of us it was very disappointing.

When I became a candidate to represent the Wisconsin 3rd Congressional District I was convinced that the majority of our voters wanted to change the direction that President Obama and Congressman Kind had established. I was wrong and they were re-elected. Yet throughout my campaign journey you expressed the same deep concerns I felt about the future of our country and the destructive path we were following. That is why I continued to work hard toward upholding our traditional values and the need for major reforms in our federal government.

Looking forward to the upcoming 3rd Congressional District "Debate"/Forum on Tuesday, October 30th from 7pm - 8pm at the Port O' Call, Cartwright Center on the UW-La Crosse Campus. The debate is sponsored by UW-L, the La Crosse Tribune, WXOW-TV, WKBT-TV, the League of Women Voters and WLSU Radio.

Congressman Ron Kind may be a decent person who means well, but on almost every issue he has fallen out of touch with the voters in this district. Unfortunately, after 16 years in office, he has become a product of the Washington culture of "business as usual" politics.

Congressman Kind completely misread the mood of 3rd district voters regarding the recall of Governor Walker. He actively called for new leadership in Wisconsin and the recall of Governor Walker at the same time voters throughout the district were saying the recall should not be happening at all. On election day they spoke loud and clear that Ron Kind was wrong.