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In another election-year ploy to fire up his political base, President Obama announced this week that he’s going to block efforts to extend what he calls "tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans," but the president isn’t being totally honest with you. Here’s a look at the facts:

Today I voted for final passage of H. Con. Res 112 the House’s 2013 Budget, the Path to Prosperity.

We were sent to Washington to get our nation’s fiscal house in order, and for the second straight year, the House has led with bold ideas and a fresh vision for how America can get out from under massive debt and ever-increasing spending. I believe that preserving and protecting Medicare for our seniors, making a fairer, flatter tax code and reducing the massive expansion of Government should be our top priorities, and I’m glad to see our Budget present real specifics on how we achieve those goals. With this Budget, we’re honest. We stop making promises to the American people we know we can’t keep - and we start putting our budget on a path to balance through pro-growth policies that get Government out of the way of the private sector so we can create jobs.

Three years ago, unemployment was at 8.3 percent and our country was facing an ugly economy. A newly elected President Obama told us that drastic action was needed in the form a massive government spending bill - the largest in our history - and only then could we improve our economy and put Americans back to work. Well three years and $862 billion later, the nation’s unemployment rate remains exactly the same, and our national debt has exceeded the size of our entire economy. In short, nothing’s changed except the national debt.

The stimulus bill was a mistake and a failure - that much is clear. Today, we have a lower total number of employed Americans and a higher level of those who have grown so discouraged they’ve stopped looking for work entirely.

With more than two-thirds majority voting in support, the U.S. House of Representatives voted today to pass H.R. 3835. This legislation would extend the pay freeze of Members of Congress and non-military Federal employees through 2013.