Constitutional Rally to be held on Saturday December 7, 2013

La Crosse patriots will participate in a Constitutional rally to express their right for freedom of speech. They have recently held several rallies calling for the impeachment of President Obama through the Overpasses for America movement ( However, the Town of Campbell has taken the following actions to prevent our right to peacefully assemble on a public sidewalk to redress our grievances with the government:

  • Passing an ordinance during the October 8 town board meeting.
  • Warning us to leave our most recent peaceful rally on October 24 or face receiving a citation. In this case we weren’t even holding signs; however the police officer stated that our individually lettered t-shirts constituted a sign.
  • Issuing a citation for an individual displaying the American flag

Open Letter to the Town of Campbell

As a law abiding citizen and Christian I feel it is necessary to turn myself in to your authorities. Let this open letter serve that purpose. Town of Campbell leaders recently passed an ordinance that blatantly and deliberately strips me of my First Amendment right to freedom of speech and assembly. As a result of their unlawful ordinance I feel the need to protest by defying it. I will be holding a sign on the I-90 overpass on December 7 at around 12:00pm that simply reads, "I Miss America." I will not shout or cause any sort of disturbance. I will not use any kind of violence as I am a peace loving Christian. I will not even defend myself if Town of Campbell police choose to use violence against me. I will simply stand on that pedestrian bridge holding a sign and practicing my First Amendment right as an American citizen.

La Crosse County For Goodness' Sake

PLEASE: Help or forward to someone who you know who can!

* WAFER food pantry, 403 Causeway Blvd., La Crosse, (608) 782-6003, is in need of deodorant, shampoo, toilet tissue, hygiene products, diapers, baby formula, rice, rice packets, crackers, pancake mix, syrup, breakfast cereal, macaroni & cheese, pasta, spaghetti sauce, boxed meal or side dishes, peanut butter, jelly, baked / pork & beans, canned meats, salmon, tuna, canned chicken, SPAM, beef stew, canned corn, canned vegetables, canned fruits, hand crank can openers, Ramen style noodle, cream, vegetable, tomato, crackers and all kinds of soups salad dressings, Jello, pudding mix, any gluten free items (such as soup, noodles, crackers, all purpose baking mixes) and empty clean egg cartons.

More Obamacare Abuse

Who ever could have seen this coming? I mean, Coulee Conservatives have been telling people since 2009 that it is a very bad idea to politicize something as deeply personal as our health care. Too bad politicians like Ron Kind failed to take our concerns seriously.

After all, the federal government has a long and proud history of being completely forthright and ethical in the way they handle confidential information (note sarcasm).

This Is What Democrats Do Every Election Cycle

I wonder how many people will fall for this? In case you haven't figured it out yet the Democrats do this every election cycle. They throw out baseless accusations in an attempt to trick as many voters as possible into thinking that Republicans did something wrong. The idea is for you to think of Republicans as guilty until proven innocent. This is what Jennifer Shilling did to Dan Kapanke. No charges were ever filed against Dan and the 'investigators' conveniently announced his innocence AFTER the election. This is what Tom Barrett tried to do to Walker during the recall. No charges were ever filed against Walker and the 'investigators' conveniently went away after the election.

Don't fall for their lies.

These are the same people who use the IRS to punish their political enemies so don't be surprised if Republicans turn the tables on them this time and you see officials lose their jobs for abusing their power in these types of witch hunts where witches don't even exist.

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