Mr. Yates [a gay man who just received his marriage license] told reporters that no one wanted Ms. Davis to go to jail, but “civil rights are civil rights.”

Here's a link to the full article.

That is a true statement, however, Mr. Yates' context is all wrong. You see, Religious Liberty is a REAL civil right that is specifically protected by the U.S. Constitution. Gay marriage is a man-made invention and it is a FAKE civil right. Someday this nation will discern that again.

The answer to my question, What happens when real civil rights contradict fake rights has been answered: Christians go to jail. I miss America.

I predicted that this was coming ever since the Supreme Court manufactured the fake right to gay marriage. Read the snippet below and follow the link to get the full story.

The Constitution of the United States specifically protects religious Liberty. There is not one place within the Constitution that protects the man made, modern invention of gay marriage.

The Supreme Court made a HUGE mistake when they manufactured this new 'right' by ruling that the Constitution protects gay marriage. They created a schism between the Americans who believe in religious Liberty and the Americans who believe in political correctness and other manufactured movements. We are now living in a country where people can be incarcerated for following their religious beliefs. Welcome to Obamastan. I miss America.

Kentucky clerk ordered to jail for failing to issue same-sex marriage licenses

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As I predicted, the assault against religious liberty is intensifying now that the Supreme Court ruled that gay marriage can be FORCED on every American whether we agree with it or not. Forget about the state's right to establish laws that fit our own citizens. Forget about religious liberty to choose whether or not to participate in something that goes against your beliefs. We no longer have the choice of whether or not we want to participate in such sinful behaviors. Just ask the wedding cake people and the wedding photographer people what it is like to be forced out of business simply because they chose not to participate in sin.