Je suis profondément attristé par les attentats à Paris . Je regardais l'alimentation SkyNews direct avec horreur que jeune , des civils innocents ont été fauchés par haineux , mauvais djihadistes .

Que Dieu renforcer le peuple de France . Il peut consolider notre détermination à combattre le mal sous toutes ses formes . Amen.

You may have heard on this mornings news that the La Crosse mayor is all excited about sharing municipal services and how that would save the city money with the implication that would save the whole area money.

First let's say, Bigger is not always better. Secondly if it saves La Crosse money other county citizens will have to pick up the difference, unless there is substantial personnel reductions. If you believe that ......

The idea that surrounding areas use public stuff in La Crosse is in some cases true, however, I haven't noticed that they give credit to the outlying areas when I shop and spend money for employment and help that business pay their taxes. Recently I bought a stove at Wettsteins that I could have bought in West Salem, Onalaska, and had dinner in Stoddard.

PLEASE: Help or forward to someone who you know who can!

* Onalaska Food Basket, (next to the Onalaska American Legion Club), 731 Sand Lake Road, (608) 783-7722 is in need of hamburger/tuna helper, stew, canned tomato products, peanut butter, cream soups, vegetable soups, tomato soups, beans and pasta. Thank you for your generosity.

* Catholic Charities Food Pantry, (608) 782-0710 is in need of donations of all types. Canned or box soups, stews, tuna, breakfast cereal, jams or jelly, toilet paper, bar/bath soaps, toothpaste, facial tissues, shampoo, liquid hand soap, laundry detergent, body wash and feminine products. Please drop off items at 3710 East Avenue South, La Crosse, from 8:30-4:00 Mon-Thurs.

A story recently came out that troubles me greatly. It troubles me that Democrats in our state are obsessed with violating our Constitution and punishing law-abiding citizens. I'm sure their hearts are in the right place but their ideas might as well be delivered by fairies riding purple unicorns because their policies will not work in the real world. I'll outline some quotes from the article and my responses to them below. You can find the article at UrbanMilwaukee by clicking here.