In Mark 8:36, Jesus said, "What good is it for someone to gain the whole world, yet forfeit their soul?"

This is a passage that I try very hard to keep in mind whenever I have to make an important decision about my own career path. This passage helps to keep me grounded in the foundation of God's word and it also helps me see the big picture.

Senator Rubio, you have served this nation well and I have no doubt that you have much more service to provide to America. Now, however, is not the time for your presidential bid. The people have spoken in many primaries around the nation and you were not their choice this time.

PLEASE: Help or forward to someone who you know who can!

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Let's consider and really THINK about some of the themes that we are seeing in this year's election cycle.

1) What does it tell you about the Democrat Party when their candidates include an old, white socialist and an old, white traitor who is under active investigation by the FBI? (side note: if anyone calls it Democratic Party then correct them immediately. There is nothing democratic about them. They are all Marxist/Socialists now of one degree or another)

2) What would happen if those old, white candidates were Republicans? Would the media have 24x7 coverage about how out of touch those old, white candidates are with today's culture? Why doesn't the media cover these old, white Democrats that way?

3) What would happen if the Republican front runner was under FBI investigation? Would the media highlight the investigation day after day or simply ignore it like they are for the Democrat?