The Supreme Court ruled that gay marriage must be recognized by all states. This comes as no surprise to those of us who have been monitoring the moral decay of our nation in this 'Post-Constitutional' era where anything goes. The Congress is full of cowards who refuse to fight the dictator-wannabe in the Executive Branch and the Judicial Branch is more interested in appeasing the cultural rot than in upholding the laws.

I will not comply with this ruling for two reasons:

First, and most importantly, the laws of God come first so I will not comply with any laws of man that are incompatible with God's laws.

Second, I do not recognize the Supreme Court's authority to re-define the institution of marriage. Only God can do that. The supreme legal body of our nation can say whatever they like. They can call the sinful union of homosexuals a marriage but that does not make it true.

Me and Americans For Prosperity (AFP) go way back. has references to the AFP organization going back to 2009 when we were all fighting to prevent Obamacare from becoming the monstrosity that we knew it would. Unfortunately, the Marxist forces got their way on that one and we’re all suffering because of it but the battle rages on.

AFP recently opened an office in La Crosse with the goal of organizing the conservative grassroots into action. I dropped by their new office during the open house and I am happy to report that I’m impressed and have been helping out regularly ever since. Their staff is very enthusiastic to spread the right ideas and they are doing it with modern conveniences that make it easier than ever to educate our neighbors and build momentum for the conservative movement.

Just in case you haven't been paying attention to the latest news here is a summary:

Offending THOUSANDS of liberals by displaying this flag is considered racist:

Offending MILLIONS of Christians by displaying this flag is considered freedom of speech.

Any questions? I miss America.

I agree with the president's final statement in the video embedded below: "we must shift how we think about the issue of gun violence collectively."

Step one: recognize that evil exists in the world and that some people go all in serving it. President Obama and many other Marxists like him refuse to accept that simple truth. I recommend he 'shift his thinking' toward reality and take his head out of the Utopian sandbox.

Step two: recognize that gun laws are ONLY obeyed by those who follow the law. They are not obeyed by those who have chosen to serve evil. The crazed lunatic who committed this latest mass shooting broke several laws so no new laws would have deterred him. I recommend that President Obama 'shift his thinking' to that simple fact.