A story recently came out that troubles me greatly. It troubles me that Democrats in our state are obsessed with violating our Constitution and punishing law-abiding citizens. I'm sure their hearts are in the right place but their ideas might as well be delivered by fairies riding purple unicorns because their policies will not work in the real world. I'll outline some quotes from the article and my responses to them below. You can find the article at UrbanMilwaukee by clicking here.

I attended the La Crosse County Executive Committee meeting today to observe the proceedings just to see if anyone would try to slip in a new 'Wheel Tax' without the knowledge of the taxpayers. There has been talk recently that Mike Giese, Supervisor for district 17, was interested in raising this issue again after voters made it very clear in January that we do not want this new tax.

The 'wheel tax' never got mentioned, however, what was mentioned were the procedures that the county board was going to follow for new amendments to the budget. Starting on Monday, the budget, as it is currently written, will be introduced to the full county board and then amendments will be addressed.

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John Doe investigations were originally written into law to give law enforcement the tools to go after criminals when normal police methods don’t work. Some examples include cold-case homicides where leads are few and the information is mostly forgotten and organized crimes where witnesses may be intimidated by the accused. These laws were never intended to serve as cover for an out of control, hyper-partisan district attorney who hates conservatives.

The Milwaukee District Attorney twisted our laws and used them in an abusive manner to conduct a political witch hunt. The results: innocent citizens were treated like common criminals and then ordered to stay silent about it ‘or else.’