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Letter to school boards regarding Common Core

My letter to local school district. Please feel free to copy, edit and share with your local school board and administrators:

Resoluton 523 was passed with the State Budget, and it calls for a series of public hearings and an investigation into costs of Common Core compliance. It occurs to me that we ought to consider costs locally as well. One reason that many school boards may be hesitant to buck the system, to NOT implement the very bad Common Core so-called State Standards is that they fear losing money. With that in mind, several questions occur to me. Could you please pass this along to your chief financial officer and any other personnel who may be useful in answering these questions, and get back to me with the results?

Ron Kind Wants Low Cost health insurance, promotes small business and economic prosperity???

Got this message from my Congressional mis-representative, Ron Kind, and felt inspired by his words:

Ron talks about inexpensive health care, small business, and economic opportunity in that piece. My response:


Thank you for your recent email regarding health care, small business, and economic opportunity. Consider the following:

You want low insurance rates, yet you promoted Obamacare, which taxes the very goods and services that you correctly observe already cost too much.

DHHS recently added 15000 regulations with regard to Obamacare. How is this going to REDUCE the cost of delivery of medical care? Quite simply, it is not.

JUST SAY NO TO CRONY CAPITALISM- Lesson 1, Venture Capital

The proposed Wisconsin State Budget from Scott Walker includes a number of bad ideas. Among them is the idea that we should put tax dollars into a venture capital fund, for start up businesses. My objections are these:


I remember well, Earth Day I. Climate change was all the buzz, and as a Wildlife Ecology major, I was of course concerned. And yes, that statement in the title was a major theme. By then, I was already a member of the National Audobon Society, and a true believer in the environmental movement. And while I still have some concerns, let me briefly describe some the events that turned me around in terms of political and economic outlook.

My Wisconsin 2013 State Budget Testimony

Given April 9 in Lake Delton, as revised, expanded and amended:

As a short preamble, let me state that I do not think it is a good idea to put major policy initiatives in the state budget. Let them be more fully debated on their own merits. Republicans rightfully criticized this policy when Democrats did it, but if it was wrong when Jimmy Doyle did it, it is just as wrong when Scott Walker does it.