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Another response to AEI-ides dot org blog, question #5 on Market Monetarism:

As I have repeatedly stated here (the AEI blog), money is not neutral. The first to get this newly "minted" money get the better of the deal, as it is not noticed that demand has risen, There is a saying, "Oh what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive." I believe it applies to the field of economic policy just as much as it does to individual integrity. Let me explain.

Can the US endlessly create debt without consequence?

So the item of the day is another misguided treatise by my favorite Neocon over at AEI. Here is the link. http://www dot aei-ideas dot org/2013/09/does-the-fed-really-have-a-hidden-agenda-to-hide-the-cost-of-us-debt/comment-page-1/ (replace "dot" with "." I do this so that when I copy and share it does not zero in on this article rather than what I have written.)

My response follows:
There are many things I could pick apart in this opinion piece, but let me concentrate on the last 2 paragraphs.

My letter to local school district. Please feel free to copy, edit and share with your local school board and administrators:

Resoluton 523 was passed with the State Budget, and it calls for a series of public hearings and an investigation into costs of Common Core compliance. It occurs to me that we ought to consider costs locally as well. One reason that many school boards may be hesitant to buck the system, to NOT implement the very bad Common Core so-called State Standards is that they fear losing money. With that in mind, several questions occur to me. Could you please pass this along to your chief financial officer and any other personnel who may be useful in answering these questions, and get back to me with the results?