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DEMOCRATS BE NOT DECIEVED!! Jesse Jackson says the Travon Martin/Zimmerman case is a "perfect storm" for gun control. While I was not there and can not testify to the facts, IF Zimmerman's story is true, he will hopefully be exonerated. But think about the proclamation of Jackson for a minute. Many blacks live in high crime neighborhoods and Jackson and other black "leaders" want to keep the most vulnerable disarmed, and therefore less able to defend themselves in an environment that puts them disproportionately at risk. Does Jackson even care about his own, or does his political ideology trump the right of self defense, indeed, the rights of individuals? So do Jackson and othes who would limit our rights to self defense REALLY have the best interests of the black community or any of the working class folks they claim to represent in mind?

Methinks that to ask the question is to answer it.

Juneau County Guarantees Woodside Ranch Disaster

Well almost. The Juneau County Board voted 12-7 with one abstention on Tuesday March 20 to pass a resolution guaranteeing Midwest Disaster Area Bonds of up to $8 Million to to be issued to Woodside Ranch for a sports complex. This is a special category of tax free bonds authorized by the Federal government, that can be used to fund private development. The resolution also requires a personal guarantee from Damien Grunwald the owner of Woodside; that the money only be doled out as needed to complete the project; and that WHEDA (Wisconsin Housing and Economic Development Authority) guarantee up to $2.1 Million. Other provisions include that the sports complex be put up for collateral for the loan, that the bonds can be sold at no more than 7%, and that an escrow account of one year's worth of payments be established.

Many people say that Ron Paul’s foreign policy is what keeps them from supporting him, so let us analyze the situation. It is because of current foreign policy that there is Sharia Law in Libya, our friends in Iraq have invited us to leave, and President Karzai of Afghanistan has said he would fight with Pakistan in a war with the US. We helped empower Saddam Hussein, Manuel Noriega, Osama bin Laden and the Taliban among others, before taking them out. The entire Middle East is becoming more Islamified as a direct result of our intervention there. We fight al Quaeda in Afghanistan and Iraq, and work with them in a number of other countries. If this foreign policy, which continues under Democrat and Republican administrations is a success, then I am not sure I want to see failure.

I am somewhat dismayed at the conversations I hear during the Republican Primary season. One after another candidate supports pre-emptive war. On the playground, we called folks like that bullies. Is it any different in the international arena?