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What we really should be talking about is vote integrity. This and other matters of integrity addressed here:

more good stuff here:

There are some who generally try to downplay voter fraud, saying either it does not exist or that it is too insignificant to worry over. There is much evidence to the contrary.

Consider the conclusion of a Milwaukee police Department study on voter fraud in 2004. There were something like 4600 more votes cast than the number of people listed as having voted. Numerous cases of voter fraud resulted in mixed results, largely because of the unreliability of records at the Milwukee Election Commission. "After nearly 18 months of investigation the Task Force believes that there was fraud committed in the 2004 Election, but as one investigator stated, 'I know I voted in the Election, but I can't be certain it counted.'" (see page 62 of report linked below)

OK, let us get this out of the way. I confess. I want voter suppression. If you are not a citizen, particularly if you are an illegal immigrant; if you are a convicted felon; if you do not live at the address listed on your voter registration; if you do not really live in WI; if you have already voted, if you are otherwise voting illegally, and especially if you are dead, I want to suppress your vote. If you are legally qualified to vote, hey, go ahead, even if I disagree with HOW you might vote.