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Santorum on the American Ideal of limited government

This video speaks for itself:

Open Letter to RNC Chair, Reince Priebus

Dear Sir;

 First, kudos for your actions to derail the Trump sponsored debate. Mr. Trump is a media clown who would have put on a demeaning spectacle not worthy of the highest office in the land.

Feeding at the trough while filling it.

The late great columnist/author/economist Henry Hazlitt wrote an interesting book titled “The Conquest of Poverty.” In it, he postulated that those who take more in government benefits than they pay in taxes should be disqualified from voting and from holding public office. Why? Because this created a conflict of interest, as those who feed at the trough have every incentive to enlarge it. Ultimately, he said, this would weaken our economy and undermine our prosperity. Fast forward a couple decades, and today, direct government costs are some 48% of our total economy, and regulations add around 14% more. So the REAL cost of government is zeroing in on 2/3 of our economy, and the economy basically sucks.

Verify the Vote, DID NOT SIGN registration

As Chris Muller pointed out previously, the Schiller/Kapanke and other sigs had some significant irregularities. Here is a message from We the People of the REpublic patriot group, re: anti-fraud efforts:

Fellow Patriots,

Verify The Recall has announced a new registration on its website that will allow individuals who did not sign a recall petition to be notified if their name or address is found on a recall petition! After all of the recall petition information from the GAB is entered into our database, the "No Sign" Registration list will be immediately checked against the recall petition data. Anyone who signs up for the "No Sign" Registration will be alerted that their name (or address) was found on a recall petition. That person will then be responsible for filing an individual challenge against their own "signature."

You may register for the "No Sign" Registration list here.


Going to the library to collect signatures. NO not what you think, but this:


Preamble: This petition is an attempt to clarify the issues. Some people seem to think money grows on trees, that government actions are without effect, and that government employees and other tax eaters should be immune from the effects of government actions. In order that people fully understand the implications of recalling Mr. Walker, and to describe the likely results, we offer this humble document:

WHEREAS government workers tend to make more for doing less, tend to have more days off, more benefits and greater job security, and have gotten their raises even as those in the private sector had wages and or jobs cut, we want to insure that government workers are immune from the effects of government actions.

WHEREAS the Federal Government has a debt of $15 Trillion or $48,200 per man woman and child