Mike Huebsch

Mike Huebsch writes: Memorial Day: A Day of Remembrance

All Americans are encouraged to pause at 3:00 p.m. local time on Memorial Day for a minute of silence to remember and honor the men and women who have died serving our country.  The National Moment of Remembrance began in 2000 to ensure that the focus of this national holiday remains on the heroes who inspired its creation and on all of the heroes since who have continued to inspire a nation.

I am grateful for the men and women who serve this country and defend the liberty that so many strive to duplicate from the few who would destroy it.  The willingness of these soldiers to sacrifice their future for something bigger than any individual is not just humbling, it’s overwhelming.  The bravery, the sense of purpose and the selflessness of the more than two million soldiers who have died in service to our country, honors our history and safeguards our future.

Mike Huebsch writes: Bungled IT Projects Cost Taxpayers

The Doyle Administration has finally found a solution to the cost overruns that have plagued state IT projects for years: stop reporting them.  In 2005, state officials estimated that consolidating state computer servers would cost taxpayers $12.8 million.  They were off by nearly $100 million.

According to the Department of Administration (DOA), the project price tag will reach $110 million by the end of June.  After that, state workers will not track the costs even though they expect the consolidation to continue at least through December.  Once the project is finished, DOA expects the annual cost of running the new data center to be $18 million.

Mike Huebsch asks: Why Don't State Elections Officials Want to Know Who You Are?

Wisconsin has an Office of Privacy Protection, regulators who investigate and publicize identity theft scams and pages of statutes designed to protect your personal information, finances and privacy.

But state government won’t go out of its way to protect your vote. And it won’t let you either.

Ten Wisconsin women formed the group We’re Watching Wisconsin Elections Campaign and lobbied local clerks and the Government Accountability Board (GAB) to check the photo IDs of voters who volunteer to show them.

Mike Huebsch writes: Another Editorial Board Takes Democrats to Task

In a recent, editorial titled “State Leadership Lacking,” the Wisconsin State Journal lamented the Democrats’ wasted opportunities after securing majorities in both Legislative chambers.  With Democrat Jim Doyle also occupying the governor’s office, most pundits predicted bold initiatives and major reforms.  Instead, according the State Journal, “creativity and courage were lacking.”  The editorial continued:

Mike Huebsch writes: ObamaCare and the Constitution

Wisconsin AG and Republican Lawmakers Fight Federal Health Care Takeover

According to Merriam-Webster, “to reform” means “to put or change into an improved form or condition.”  Democrats in Congress established a new national health care bureaucracy last weekend, but it didn’t earn the moniker of reform.  The failure to tackle what really makes health care expensive means things will only get worse.  The new laws will push costs even higher, diminish choices and jeopardize quality.