This week, Lt. Governor Rebecca Kleefisch and I hosted the third annual Governor's Small Business Summit in Stevens Point. For the last three years, we joined small business job creators to discuss the state of the economy and discover how the state can continue to help their businesses create jobs and grow in Wisconsin.

Recently, Wisconsin jumped to number two in the entire nation for economic growth. According to the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia, Wisconsin's growth rate over the last three months was the best in 25 years and the state's ranking is the best in history. CNBC recently ranked Wisconsin in the top five for best manufacturing states in the U.S. and 94 percent of employers surveyed by the state's chamber of commerce now say Wisconsin is headed in the right direction. More importantly, we've seen the best two-year job gains under any Wisconsin administration in over a decade.

Can the US endlessly create debt without consequence?

So the item of the day is another misguided treatise by my favorite Neocon over at AEI. Here is the link. http://www dot aei-ideas dot org/2013/09/does-the-fed-really-have-a-hidden-agenda-to-hide-the-cost-of-us-debt/comment-page-1/ (replace "dot" with "." I do this so that when I copy and share it does not zero in on this article rather than what I have written.)

My response follows:
There are many things I could pick apart in this opinion piece, but let me concentrate on the last 2 paragraphs.

The legacy of Barrack Hussein Obama: Destroying the American economy one industry at a time. First, the manufacturing (auto) industry. Then, the health industry. Now, the technology sector and I predict that the public education system with the disastrous 'Common Core' policies will be next.

Congratulations Marxists. You are getting your wish. A weakened America. Of course those Marxists will lie and say it's all Republican's fault even while they continue to issue new regulations, new mandates, and new policies from the Democrat controlled White House with air cover from the Democrat controlled Senate and all the Democrat controlled bureaucracies within D.C.

I miss America.

The spectacle of National Security Agency contractor Edward Snowden exposing the covert spying nature of US federal officials has sent ripple waves through the technology industry -- especially in the outsourcing arena.