Government Waste

Here's something to consider... I recently heard about a movement in La Crosse to convince the City Council to use tax dollars for the purchase of warning signs to alert drivers about the possibility of turtles crossing city streets on their way to spawning beds (or whatever the turtles happen to be doing).

This news story is a teachable moment to draw the difference between conservationists and eco-Marxists. Let me explain....

The late great columnist/author/economist Henry Hazlitt wrote an interesting book titled “The Conquest of Poverty.” In it, he postulated that those who take more in government benefits than they pay in taxes should be disqualified from voting and from holding public office. Why? Because this created a conflict of interest, as those who feed at the trough have every incentive to enlarge it. Ultimately, he said, this would weaken our economy and undermine our prosperity. Fast forward a couple decades, and today, direct government costs are some 48% of our total economy, and regulations add around 14% more. So the REAL cost of government is zeroing in on 2/3 of our economy, and the economy basically sucks.

Whereas the city of La Crosse has now had three straight years of no tax increases under the leadership of Mayor Harter, who at the same time was dealing with a recalcitrant city council;

And whereas the local Citizens for Responsible Government (CRG) group is convinced a city administrator, at great cost to the city, could do no better;

And whereas the Common Council noted with great emphasis that they cut everywhere possible, (which would suppose that would leave absolutely no room for ANY amount of expense for consideration of a city administrator), in overriding the Mayor’s veto of the budget;

And whereas CRG believes that the city is already top heavy with supervisory personnel and burdened with the accompanying administrative costs in salary and fringe benefits;

Monday, November 21, 2011

On Sunday, November 20, the La Crosse Tribune reported that Governor Walkers Budget Repair Bill cost La Crosse County $300,000. This calculation was attributed to County Administrator Steve O’Malley.