Government Waste

Given April 9 in Lake Delton, as revised, expanded and amended:

As a short preamble, let me state that I do not think it is a good idea to put major policy initiatives in the state budget. Let them be more fully debated on their own merits. Republicans rightfully criticized this policy when Democrats did it, but if it was wrong when Jimmy Doyle did it, it is just as wrong when Scott Walker does it.

This is pretty much right off the top of my head with little to no editing:

Obama calls for more aid to education, when the present aid is the greatest reason that tuition has increased, more housing intervention, when it was Government interference in the market that caused the last housing debacle, he calls for more interference in energy markets when it is government policies, specifically HIS policies that have led, will lead to higher prices, which he has previously stated was his goal. He talks about more oil production, when his policies did all the could to limit, so that oil production increased IN SPITE of not because of BHO admin policies.

Here's something to consider... I recently heard about a movement in La Crosse to convince the City Council to use tax dollars for the purchase of warning signs to alert drivers about the possibility of turtles crossing city streets on their way to spawning beds (or whatever the turtles happen to be doing).

This news story is a teachable moment to draw the difference between conservationists and eco-Marxists. Let me explain....

The late great columnist/author/economist Henry Hazlitt wrote an interesting book titled “The Conquest of Poverty.” In it, he postulated that those who take more in government benefits than they pay in taxes should be disqualified from voting and from holding public office. Why? Because this created a conflict of interest, as those who feed at the trough have every incentive to enlarge it. Ultimately, he said, this would weaken our economy and undermine our prosperity. Fast forward a couple decades, and today, direct government costs are some 48% of our total economy, and regulations add around 14% more. So the REAL cost of government is zeroing in on 2/3 of our economy, and the economy basically sucks.