Government Waste

Recently I had the opportunity to look at the new congressional districts map. I noticed the significant changes right away. Northern Juneau County, the most conservative area in the county, went to District 8, where Republican Congressman Sean Duffy replaced long time Congressman, Democrat David Obey. Northern parts of Congressional District 3, St. Croix and Vilas counties, all areas with a conservative voting history, also became part of District 8. Adams county came over from District 6, and areas including heavily Democrat Wisconsin Rapids and Stevens Point came from District 8 to become part of Democrat Ron Kind’s District 3. This is an obvious ploy to secure the seat of Sean Duffy, but at what expense? When you add it all up, I think the Republicans of the Third have just as much reason to be upset as the Democrats of the Eighth. Despite having been hauled before the Government Accountability Board twice during the campaign, and despite running a more personality based than an issues based campaign, Republican Congressional Candidate Dan Kapanke came within a whisker of defeating long time incumbent Kind. Now that opportunity, if not lost altogether, is made much more difficult. So to secure ONE seat, the Republican legislature has forfeited the opportunity to have both seats.

Citizens for Responsible Government (CRG) is a watchdog group concerned about the taxpayer. We recognize the need for certain governmental expenditures such as roads, schools, and security.

However, we question the need for the staff the fire department wants. We at CRG have started an independent study of fire departments in the state to see how they can operate with a much lower budget and staff per taxpayer than here in La Crosse. This evaluation will include not only similar sized cities but also ones that are larger or smaller than La Crosse.


Ken Van Doren, write in candidate for Mauston School Board today announced that he was endorsing the effort in the Wisconsin State Legislature to expand educational choice and opportunity. Earlier today, Senator Glenn Grothman (R-West Bend) and Representative Andre Jacque (R-Bellevue) announced they will be introducing legislation providing a non-refundable tax credit for religious and independent schools beginning in school year 2012-2013. The credit will start at $1,500 per year for every first grade student and $2,500 for every ninth grade student. The following year, second and tenth graders will be added to the program with additional years added each year until all students will be covered by the 2021 school year.