Ron Kind

Ron Kind Supports Incompetence

It is such an embarrassment for Western Wisconsin when Congressman Ron Kind goes on the record supporting the continued incompetence that the White House is exhibiting on a daily basis.

Never mind that Obama's foreign policy blunders in Egypt have weakened the United States. Kind supports Obama.

Never mind that Obama's foreign policy blunders in Syria have weakened the United States. Kind supports Obama.

Never mind that Obama's foreign policy blunders in Ukraine have weakened the United States. Kind supports Obama.

After so many years of Obama's foreign policy blunders weakening the United States around the globe, is it any wonder that a real world leader like Putin would take advantage of the situation and pursue his conquest of Eastern Europe?

How Embarrassing

This is so embarrassing. This is my congressman, Ron Kind, perpetrating the myth that Bush's IRS persecuted liberal groups the same way that Obama is persecuting Tea Party and conservative groups. Nevermind that there isn't a shred of evidence. This is Ron Kind we're dealing with so facts don't matter. Thankfully, the commmittee chair rips Ronnie boy a new one for even attempting this lie.

Congressman Ron Kind is Out of Touch!

Congressman Ron Kind may be a decent person who means well, but on almost every issue he has fallen out of touch with the voters in this district. Unfortunately, after 16 years in office, he has become a product of the Washington culture of "business as usual" politics.

Congressman Kind completely misread the mood of 3rd district voters regarding the recall of Governor Walker. He actively called for new leadership in Wisconsin and the recall of Governor Walker at the same time voters throughout the district were saying the recall should not be happening at all. On election day they spoke loud and clear that Ron Kind was wrong.

Ron Kind Feeling Political Heat in the Dead of Winter?

This article is very interesting... Ron Kind must realize how much trouble he is in if he is breaking ranks with the other Obamabots. I wonder if he thinks we're stupid enough to just forget that he is one of the reasons that Obamacare passed in the first place...

Kind Touts 'Long Term' Solutions but Refuses to Recognize Real Job Killers

I listened to 1410 WIZM this morning when Mike Hayes was interviewing Congressman Ron Kind about job creation ideas.  I wasn't at all surprised at Prince Ronald's* flowery rhetoric about promoting 'innovation' and his use of other buzz words. He is a master at fooling the public with pretty words like that.  Unfortunately for people looking for jobs TODAY all of his Utopian ideas would take between 10 and 15 years to actually translate into real jobs.  Apparently Prince Ronald doesn't yet understand the fact that pretty words and Utopian ideas do not create jobs... Businesses do.

So, what do we do NOW to help create jobs? I was stunned when Prince Ronald claimed that there are no ideas on the table yet.  WHAT?! Really?!