Ron Kind

Big Brother Ron Kind recently said,

"People have brought up things they think are in the health reform bill, but they are not," Kind said. "There's a lot of misinformation, and it's a trick to sift through all of this."

I'm happy to hear the congressman admit that this law is over complicated and difficult to understand.  Perhaps next he will admit that he and his colleagues did that on purpose so that normal human beings would have a tough time understanding it and would allow 'experts' to decipher it for us.  Of course those 'experts' will just happen to be Big Brother loving government worshipers who will find every excuse imaginable to grant the federal government more control over our individual lives.

Never let a good crisis go to waste.  Isn't that what the Democrats have so famously been saying?  Well, it appears that our own congressman is not going to let the Tuscon crisis go to waste.  He is apparently 'stepping up' to bring us even more unfunded mandates and Big Brother programs from Washington.  Here's what he recently told the La Crosse Tribune:

What will it take to convince people that Ron Kind's voting record is clearly in favor of the liberal agenda?  How many facts will it take to penetrate the lies and propaganda that make Kind out to be some sort of moderate?