Ron Kind

Ron Kind Receives Another 'In-Kind' Contribution from the La Crosse Tribune

The liberal lemmings at the La Crosse Tribune recently posted a puff piece about their favorite son Ron Kind. Here are some excerpts and my own analysis.

Will Ron Kind Abandon the Leftist Agenda and Compromise with Republicans Now?

A recent news article stated the following:

Area Reps. Ron Kind and Tim Walz, both Democrats who survived close races, emphasized the need for parties to work together.

Read the whole article here.

I totally agree with that sentiment.  It's time for the Democrats to abandon their leftist agenda and move to the center-right of the political spectrum where most Americans are.  In case Ron Kind hasn't noticed, half of his constituents DO NOT want him in Congress.  He would be wise to work with Republicans and help us bring some common sense conservative values back to the out-of-control federal government.

Ron Kind Calls Doctors Liars and Throws a Tantrum

Where is Ron Kind?

It's just a few days before the election and there is a rumor circulating in La Crosse from reliable sources that Ron Kind is out hunting today.  I called his office but the volunteer who answered the phone didn't have any information.  He took my number and promised to have someone get back to me.  That was about three hours ago.  I wonder if Mr. Kind is out job hunting and the campaign folks in his office just don't want anyone to know...

On a related subject, I ran into a prominent political pundit from La Crosse this morning who informed me that there is some discussion about Ron Kind's 'aborted handshake' at the debate with Dan Kapanke.  Apparently La Crosse residents are wondering if Ron Kind's little tantrum is a sign that he no longer has what it takes to be our representative.

Stay tuned for more.

New Details Emerge about Ron Kind's Ethical Lapses

Do the ends justify the means?  Is it acceptable to Western Wisconsin voters that their representative in Washington may be capable of this kind of corruption?

This is the kind of political corruption that makes me sick to my stomach.  Reading through this article it becomes pretty apparent that someone isn't being honest and there had better be some serious investigations to sort it all out and hold someone accountable for their actions.  This is outrageous and it makes me sick to think that our own congressman may have been involved.  It is definitely time for someone new to represent Western Wisconsin.  It's time for someone who won't hold legislation over the heads of hard working citizens.  It's time for Dan Kapanke to take his common sense approach to Washington and begin the process of getting some sanity back in the out-of-control federal  government.