Ron Kind

What will it take to convince people that Ron Kind's voting record is clearly in favor of the liberal agenda?  How many facts will it take to penetrate the lies and propaganda that make Kind out to be some sort of moderate?

Attached is the most recent Ron Kind waste of time and money.  Give it a look and let me and the others here know what you think.  The obsolete media will likely ignore this so it's going to be up to those of us in the citizen media to inform the public.

Is this an appropriate role for the federal government?  Where in the Constitution is the Congress granted the authority to play with our tax dollars in this manner?

Page 18 of HR 6426 outlines millions of dollars to be spent on this initiative in just the first three years of its implementation and then authorizes "such sums as may be necessary for subsequent fiscal years."  Is a blank check like that fiscally responsible?  Kind tells us all the time how he's saving taxpayers over a million dollars with his office budget but he conveniently forgets to mention the trillions of dollars in waste he has supported through legislation.

The liberal lemmings at the La Crosse Tribune recently posted a puff piece about their favorite son Ron Kind. Here are some excerpts and my own analysis.

A recent news article stated the following:

Area Reps. Ron Kind and Tim Walz, both Democrats who survived close races, emphasized the need for parties to work together.

Read the whole article here.

I totally agree with that sentiment.  It's time for the Democrats to abandon their leftist agenda and move to the center-right of the political spectrum where most Americans are.  In case Ron Kind hasn't noticed, half of his constituents DO NOT want him in Congress.  He would be wise to work with Republicans and help us bring some common sense conservative values back to the out-of-control federal government.