Ron Kind

Ron Kind and Gutter Politics

Ron Kind has chosen to participate in gutter politics. It used to be he would let his allies in the Democrat Party or special interest groups do his dirty work for him. Now he is directly choosing character assassination over open and honest debate about the issues. He is a disgrace to the Unites States House of Representatives.

"I'm Ron Kind. I approve this message."

Questions About Ethics of Ron Kind

Since it appears that this election is going to be about ethics instead of the issues I'd like to offer a few questions that must be considered when choosing a congressman:

Fact: Ron Kind has received $10,000 in donations from GARNEY HOLDING COMPANY POLITICAL ACTION COMMITTEE, a public works/general contractor in Kansas City.

Why would a general contractor in the state of Missouri wish to contribute that sum of money to a politician in Wisconsin? Wasn't it a contractor in Missouri who was awarded with some Mississippi River work? Could this be payback for his stimulus votes?  If so, how ethical is it for a politician to be 'paid' for his vote?

Connecting more Dots on Ron Kinds Questionable Ethical Behavior

From Wikipedia:

Kind Political Machine Distracting Voters

It must be campaign season because Democrats have started letter writing campaigns to distort the truth.  Recent letters against Dan Kapanke are eerily similar and appear to be the result of talking points or maybe a copy/paste campaign from Party bosses who want to distract you from real issues.  They will discuss anything except Ron Kind’s voting record and how his votes led to policies that are destroying economic freedom and tanking the economy.

FACT: Ron Kind voted in favor of bailing out AIG.

FACT: Ron Kind voted in favor of bailing out GM.

FACT: Ron Kind voted in favor of giving hundreds of billions of dollars to President Obama’s Czars supposedly to kick start the economy.

Why is Ron Kind Holding on to Tainted Campaign Contributions?

It's no secret that I disapprove of the way that Ron Kind represents us in Washington.  I have outlined many ways in which his voting record is more in line with New York liberals than with his own neighbors here in Western Wisconsin.  Now, I have an idea of why that is... Campaign contributions.

It turns out that Kind is taking donations from his liberal allies in Washington.  Most notably: Charlie Rangel has donated $2000 to Kind's re-election.

Given the ethical troubles that Charlie Rangel finds himself in these days will Ron Kind do the honorable thing and send that money back?  Afterall, Rangel's donation was probably paid for with tainted money from his unethical activities.

Analysis of Voting Records

A friend recently sent me an analysis of the Congressional record (attached below for your convenience).  It's very interesting to see what the FACTS are about how Ron Kind actually votes. It is a stark contrast to what he and his allies TELL you.  Folks, don't believe a word that Ron Kind tells you.  "Trust but verify."