Ron Kind

A friend recently sent me an analysis of the Congressional record (attached below for your convenience).  It's very interesting to see what the FACTS are about how Ron Kind actually votes. It is a stark contrast to what he and his allies TELL you.  Folks, don't believe a word that Ron Kind tells you.  "Trust but verify."

Would someone in the River Falls, Sparta, & Black River Falls areas please attend these  meetings and ask Ron Kind how he is able to get away with deceiving voters?  Is it that the media refuses to hold him accountable?  Is he a Sith Lord who knows how to play mind tricks on a majority of voters?  How does he do it?  He told voters in Dodgeville that he hasn't taken money from Wall Street.  That is not true and his campaign finance records prove that he is being deceptive about it.  If you are in the River Falls, Sparta, or Black River Falls areas please attend the meetings outlined below and hold Ron Kind accountable.  The "media" have failed to do their jobs. You, the voters, are our only hope.

Just the other day I posted a note on this blog about the case against Representative Charlie Rangel and pointed out some of the ways that Ron Kind has been silent or helped delay the investigation.  Now that the ethics panel has finally completed its investigation and officially charged Rangel with 13 counts of wrong-doing why is Ron Kind still silent?  Yet again Kind shows his Washington-insider mentality and won't do the right thing by calling out the shameful behavior of his fellow congressman.

As of today, it has been 741 days since Charles B. Rangel (D-NY), former chairman and Ron Kind colleague on the Ways and Means Committee, appealed for an ethics investigation into allegations of corrupt behavior.  After two years, the Harlem representative continues to place the Democratic Party in an uncomfortable and embarrassing position in a year that certainly will see conservative advances in both the House and Senate.