Ron Kind

Ron Kind Caught in a Whopper

For about ten years now I have been watching with interest the career politician Ron Kind.  I am constantly amazed at his ability to parse words and obfuscate in order to deceive voters into electing him every election cycle.  He talks like a common sense, Western Wisconsin citizen when he is here at home but performs political 180's and votes against the interests of our district when he returns to Washington.

Response to Letter Writer Vickie Burke

Democrat Party Chair Vickie Burke recently wrote an opinion letter to the La Crosse Tribune defending Ron Kind against other letter writers who have been revealing Ron's actual legislative record.  I simply could not stand by while she distorts the truth so I have also provided my responses to several of the points she makes in her letter. 

Who's being kind to Kind?

Whom does Ron Kind really represent? If Individual Contributions of $200 or more – as reported by the Federal Election Commission – are any indicator, there’s a 75% chance that Ron Kind does not truly represent the people of Wisconsin’s 3rd Congressional District.
Donors from within close proximity to the Baltimore, Boston, Chicago, Indianapolis, Madison, Milwaukee, New York City, and St. Louis areas combined account for roughly 20% of Individual Contributions to Ron Kind this election cycle.
The D.C. Beltway, though, has been particularly kind with their contributions to the WI-3 incumbent. Beltway donors have the distinction of contributing the second highest amount in Total Individual Contributions, the highest amount for Individual Contributions coming from outside the 3rd District.

Why is Ron Kind afraid to let the public know where he stands on issues?

I was digging through my political archives and I discovered this gem from the 2004 race between Congressman Ron Kind and State Senator Dale Schultz.  During a PUBLIC forum at the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse, Ron Kind refused to debate as long as a PRIVATE citizen was in the audience video taping the event.  Why is Ron Kind afraid of the public knowing where he stands on the issues?  Could it be that he doesn't want to be held accountable for what he says?  Afterall, he is well known for telling us one thing when he is back home and then voting in a completely different way once he returns to Washington.  Watch and enjoy!

Well it's about stinkin' time!

I saw this press release this morning and almost fell out of my chair:

U.S. Rep. Kind: To hold listening sessions across western Wisconsin next week

Contact: Leah Hunter
Phone: 202-225-5506

WASHINGTON, DC – U.S. Rep. Ron Kind (D-WI) will hold listening sessions across western Wisconsin during the Memorial Day work period to meet with western Wisconsin families and hear their feedback. The listening sessions are open to the public and are intended to give the people of western Wisconsin an opportunity to meet directly with Rep. Kind to discuss concerns or questions they have with the federal government.

Read the whole press release here.

 There are several reasons why this is exciting news: