Ron Kind

Respondng to Ron Kind's Liberal Friends

David Cook recently wrote a rebuttal to my comments and did a great job of highlighting the fundamental differences between the liberal philosohpy of Ron Kind and the conservative Dan Kapanake.  Liberals believe that the answer to every problem begins in government.  That if the government is simply allowed to siphon enough resources out of the private sector then all our problems will be solved.  Conservatives know that is just a Utopian fantasy and not reality at all.  Conservative philosophy believes that the people

Is it any wonder more good people don’t run for public office?

Just look at the way Senator Bunning of Kentucky is treated for daring to raise objections over the reckless spending in Washington.  Ron Kind likes to brag about his support of the "PayGo" law that forces Congress to pay for things by finding cuts in other programs or increasing taxes.  The bottom line, according to Ron Kind, is that the Congress must pay for things without adding to the nation’s deficit.

On its face it makes perfect sense but what Ron Kind failed to mention to the local media and to the voters of Western Wisconsin is that he and his colleagues also built in a humongous loophole that allows them to essentially pass any spending plan they want and add it to our morbidly obese deficit.

Ron Kind Continues to Bribe the Voters

With unemployment at record levels, several small businesses closing their doors, prices for many goods and services rising, it is amazing to me that politicians like Ron Kind continue to bribe voters with stimulus money that came out of our own pockets.

Ron Kind's Allies Use Character Assassination Instead of Substance

A letter writer from Sparta recently launched a personal attack against congressional candidate Dan Kapanke in the Dunn County News.  Instead of discussing issues the writer chose to use false assumptions in an attempt to divert your attention and damage Dan Kapanke's integrity.

Instead of sinking to the Democrat's level of gutter politics I will instead stick to the issues. Here are just a few examples from Ron Kind's voting record: