More Tax and Spend in La Crosse - IMPORTANT UPDATE by Chris Muller

Here is another hangover from the Doyle/Democrat state budget.  I would have called it an 'un-intended consquence' but the Democrats fully intended for this to happen.  Note how our elected representatives are finding convenient "work arounds" so they won't have to approach the people they are supposed to be serving.  If I were a taxpayer in the school district of La Crosse I would do two things today: 1) call every school board member and ask "Why?" and 2) contact a real estate agent and find a nice new home in the Onalaska school district.

Negotiations Continue on Tax Reciprocity Agreement by Dan Kapanke

Wisconsin and Minnesota may never come to a mutual agreement regarding Brett Farve, but if there’s one thing our two states should agree on it’s the fact that farmers do not need another tax burden.

New Taxes on Digital Downloads and Internet Purchases Took Effect October 1 by Mike Huebsch

In February, Governor Doyle and Democrat lawmakers joined forces to raise state taxes and fees $1.9 billion.  Four months later, they praised one another for the efficiency with which they enacted another $2.1 billion of hikes.

Auto Insurance Rate Hikes On the Way by Mike Huebsch

Your automobile insurance premiums are going up.  It doesn’t matter that you have a spotless driving record, excellent credit, automatic seat belts, anti-lock breaks and airbags, that you shunned a sports car in favor of your father’s sedan, and that you haven’t submitted any claims.  They are still going up.