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Discussions With Dan - March 7

Gov’t Fails to Fund Existing Programs While Creating New Ones

Three months ago, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported that Wisconsin’s state government healthcare programs such as Badgercare Plus would be facing a potential $1 billion in cuts over the next 18 months.

Last week, the State Senate passed the BadgerCare Plus Basic Plan claiming to provide an insurance program to an additional 25,000 Wisconsin residents.  This bill creates a government-run, mandate-free health plan that does not even meet the minimum standards established by the State Office of the Commissioner of Insurance for private sector insurance companies.

Discussions With Dan – February 19

Upcoming Office Hours

I will be holding office hours on Monday, March 1, at the Blue Cup Coffee House in Holmen from 12-1 p.m.  I encourage you to come and talk with me about issues that are affecting you.  The Blue Cup Coffee House is located at 500 N. Holmen Drive.  I look to seeing you there!

Nuclear Energy 101 And Why You Should Care About It

Discussions With Dan - February 12

Why I Voted to Cut Government Spending

Reducing the size and scope of government is never an easy task, which is the primary reason why our state’s budget deficit is $2.71 billion and our nation’s budget deficit is $1.6 trillion. The $3.8 million needed to fund the Public Defender Bill seems like a meager government expenditure.   But it has come to the point with our state’s finances that we have to draw a line.  Do we expand existing government programs and spending at a time when we should be contracting or do we continue to give in and spend a few million here and a couple million there.

Discussions With Dan Kapanke – February 5

The State of Entrepreneurship

Chris Muller writes: Connecting the dots in the Democrat smear campaign

You may have seen the "news" reports recently about Dan Kapanke's efforts to repay the legal fees for his staff's mishandling of an open records request regarding the economic forums that he put together several months ago.