What do you expect when two-thirds of the federal government is controlled by Marxist Democrats?

The deal would reopen the government with a stopgap spending bill running to Jan. 15, and would extend the government's borrowing authority through at least Feb. 7. It would also require both the House and Senate to name negotiators to try to reach a final deal on a 2014 budget, giving them a December deadline.

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I am very grateful to the handful of conservatives who had the courage to put up a fight and at least attempt to protect the American people from this out of control administration on a spending spree. Conservatives did a remarkable job of shining a bright light of truth on the horrible disaster of Obamacare and the growing black hole that is our national debt. Now, a vast majority of tax paying citizens know what a terrible train wreck Washington, D.C. has become and how disastrous it will continue to be. Unfortunately, there simply aren't enough conservatives left in Washington and the American people lost this round...

In the end, the only change to ObamaCare in the bill was a new process to verify the income claims of people applying for federal health insurance subsidies. Democrats viewed the concession as a fig leaf.

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Of course, the Marxist Democrats and their Obamabots who are programmed to obey their masters in Washington will only talk about their Utopian dream of everyone miraculously becoming healthy all because of their magical, rainbow and lollipops law. They will do anything they can get away with in order to hide reality from the American people.

Never mind that Obamacare pushes companies to slash their work force and that people who once had affordable health care plans are seeing huge increases in costs.

Hey, a unicorn!

Never mind that people who do still have jobs are getting their hours slashed and losing their health insurance as a result.

Hey, look at that Leprechaun!

Politics can be incredibly frustrating but if we separate the emotion from it and analyze the facts we can learn some very important lessons:

  1. When two-thirds of the government is controlled by Marxist Democrats we're going to get socialist policies. There is just no getting around that fact no matter how strongly we feel. Our 'feelings' are powerless compared to the political power of controlling the offices that make the decisions.
  2. Nothing will change in Washington until more conservatives get elected into office and can carry more weight and influence the decision making. God bless people like Ted Cruz, Mike Lee, Paul Ryan and others who did what they could to slow down the descent and shine some light on the truth. We will need about 200 more leaders like them in order to turn things around. Mike Huebsch taught me long ago that elections have consequences.
  3. We can sit around whining about these facts and playing armchair general or we can get off our butts and help elect more conservatives into offices at every level (today's county supervisor is tomorrow's state senator and might be a future congressman). We can also help make our local and state Republican parties more conservative by showing up at their meetings and helping to guide their decisions and running for their leadership positions. Look, if a dolt like me could chair the La Crosse County Republican Party for two terms from 2003-2007 then I'm confident many other Coulee Region conservatives can make it happen as well. Just show up and get involved. You'll be amazed at what can be accomplished when everyone works together.

There are obviously only a handful of conservatives in office and not nearly enough to have any real impact on the disastrous establishment mentality spreading like a zombie virus throughout the nation. If you won't run for office yourself then throw your time, attention, and talents behind a conservative candidate who will be on the ballot. Primary season is just around the corner. Nothing will change unless conservatives win more elections and start carrying real political weight in our local, state, and national politics.

The disaster of Obamacare and the downward spiral of socialist policies is becoming more apparent to more Americans in the real world every day. I pray enough people wake up to reality in time for the 2014 mid-term election cycle. With the help of ALL conservatives working together perhaps enough of the public will realize that it's time to put two-thirds of the federal government in the hands of conservatives so we can roll back the insanity and start giving individuals their Liberty back. We've seen what Marxist Democrats do to the economy when they control two-thirds of the federal government and it hasn't been pretty.


Maybe King Barry will remember King John

If I recall correctly, wasn't there a small uprising against a former headstrong king (King John), who finally had to sign a document (the Magna Carta). Possibly history could repeat itself?