It's been a gnawing thought in the back of my mind for several weeks. It's been one of those feelings that is difficult to put into words. One of those situations where things feel so wrong that it takes time for the words to catch up with the feelings.

It is the deceptive tactics and unjust behavior of the liberals in the state of Wisconsin. It seems they have now received their advanced degrees in lies and smear tactics and the local news outlets should be ashamed of themselves for supporting them by spreading it without questioning the motives.

This has all come to a head after several weeks worth of news stories full of SPECULATION that MAYBE, just MAYBE, Governor Scott Walker is involved in some sort of political scandal.

No one knows anything but that hasn't stopped the irresponsible news outlets from reporting on the SPECULATION. You read that correctly: the news outlets are not reporting the facts but, rather, the guesses. Now, look, I'm not naive. I know that the news outlets need to sell papers and airtime in order to make ends meet. What better way to make money than to spread around stories of political intrigue?  Does it matter if there is any truth to it as long as the news outlets are making money?

The reason this bothers me so much is because this is EXACTLY the same strategy that the Democrats used to defeat Dan Kapanke.  For many years they were filing baseless accusations, lies, and smears against him that the media helped spread around in order to damage the character of a very good man and help keep people from voting for him. Then, conveniently after Dan's defeat was secured, the authorities informed the public that they could find no wrong doing and Dan was totally innocent.  Now, apparently, they have chosen this same strategy in their attempts to manufacture a recall election against Governor Walker.

I am not a journalist and I don't pretend to be one. I simply write about my opinion on mostly political topics. But if I were a journalist here is the line of questioning that I would pursue in order to find out what is really going on:

  1. Who initiated the complaint against Governor Walker and what is their relationship to the Democrat Party and the Obama administration?
  2. Why are recent news articles ignoring the facts about who initiated the complaint and, instead, focusing their reporting on the guesses and speculation in this case?
  3. At what point did the Obama administration get inolved in the investigations?
  4. Are Democrats using these smear tactics in an effort to harm the credibility of Governor Walker in order to give President Obama a chance at winning re-election?