Judge Hagedorn for Supreme Court

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Judge Hagedorn for Supreme Court

March 28, 2019 - 04:59
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April 2nd is the Spring Election and Judge Brian Hagedorn is my candidate of choice for the Wisconsin Supreme Court. Judge Hagedorn is fair, impartial, and committed to upholding our liberties protected by the Constitution. He will not get involved in politics and policies but will interpret and apply the law as written; not as special interests may want it interpreted.

Judge Hagedorn has been discriminated against for his faith and pro-life values but there is no religious test for public office in the Constitution. Pastor Jerome Smith, an Afro-American, has come to his defense and commented that attacks on personal beliefs have no place in a judicial election. Dr. Bradley Boivin, a clinical psychologist who identifies himself as gay, has no doubt in Hagedorn’s ability to be a fair and impartial justice on the Supreme Court having known and worked with him over the past year.

After the March 15th debate for the Supreme Court candidates, media reported that Judge Hagedorn provided substance in his answers and remarks while his opponent dodged the questions and kept repeating herself. Judge Hagedorn was initially appointed to his current position on the Appeals Court after working as an Assistant Attorney General and then Governor Walker’s Legal Advisor. He then won an election to a six year term in 2017.

Judge Hagedorn and his wife are the parents of five children, the youngest an “opioid baby” that they adopted at birth. They have also founded a Christian school to provide a quality education for their and other children.

For all these considerations, Judge Hagedorn is an excellent candidate for the Wisconsin Supreme Court. His candidacy appears even better when considering his opponent, Judge Lisa Neubaurer, a liberal devoted Democrat who apparently stretches the letter of the law for her own benefit.

Candidate Neubauer stopped listing business customers from her husband’s company on the ethics form years ago. Judge Neubauer has campaigned that the Supreme Court is no place for partisan politics, but with her husband have donated over $100,000 to Democratic organizations and candidates since 1992 with over $25,000 of that in Lisa Neubauer’s name. This includes more than $8,000 to Governor Jim Doyle before he appointed her to the Appeals Court. Her husband is a former Chairman of the Democratic Party of Wisconsin. And, when in the Wisconsin Assembly, her husband wrote legislation to benefit his company.

Candidate Neubauer has the backing of Planned Parenthood and the former Attorney General Eric Holder; together spending $450,000 on her campaign. And, finally, it has been reported that Judge Neubauer sat on dozens of cases involving family business clients. This is not my idea of an honorable candidate for Supreme Court – law abiding, ethical, and above reproach.

Join me in voting for the best candidate for Supreme Court, Judge Brian Hagedorn. He will interpret the Constitution as written and apply the law impartially with fairness for all.

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