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September 18, 2022 - 17:21
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The highest rates of inflation since 2000: 2008; Jun 1.01%, and 2022; Mar 1.31%, May 1.10, Jun 1.37%. Search: Monthly Inflation Rate from 1913 to Present.

Small wonder - Inflation is the top concern for Independents (69%); followed by crime (61%), and Schools (60%), Marquette Law School Poll 9/2022.

I'm part of a group that is rarely mentioned - retired. Since Biden became president, I have lost 1/8 of my savings_buying_power to inflation; lived through a 6.9% year before a COLA for this year and so far this year at 6.07%.

I am also concerned about the cost of illegal immigration. FAIR (Federation for American Immigration Reform), " the price for providing services to the new generation of illegal immigrants is $9,232 for each.". They say that adds up to $20.4 billion since Biden became president. (The Trump Administration spent $16.4 billion on the wall.) Many services will continue for years. Plus, the immigrants are sill coming.

Fentanyl and other drugs are flowing across the "secure" (Mayorkas) border. All of the education costs we paid for productive Americans was lost on the 108,000 2021 drug deaths - not counting those on addiction and recovery.

Crime is on the increase. Violent, 12% - Murder/Manslaughter. 26% - Rape, 38% - Aggravated Assault, 29% (Milwaukee is in third place nationally.). Every week, there is an anecdotal incident of crime by a no bail or an early prison released.

Retired? Help me vote out Democrats especially due to Biden’s Executive Order 14067, section 4.

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