I'm stepping up to Back the Blue because Ron Kind won't

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I'm stepping up to Back the Blue because Ron Kind won't

July 11, 2020 - 07:50
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Wisconsin leads the nation in forward-thinking policing and reform, and during this time for a critical conversation about national law enforcement reform, our current representative, Ron Kind, has not listened to our law enforcement officers. Instead of bringing their ideas and best practices to Washington D.C., Kind betrayed them by joining ranks with radicals like Ilhan Omar and AOC who are calling for defunding the police. All of them co-sponsored the Justice in Policing Act that passed in the U.S. House of Representatives and would take away qualified immunity.

I recently hosted a livestreaming event from Facebook with law enforcement officers from all around the 3rd District so their voices can be heard.

I'm inviting you to do a couple of things.

1. Please tune in to watch so we can all be better informed about the reforms our police support and become better advocates for them and for our communities. Unless more people join this conversation, our law enforcement officers' message will continue to be ignored by our representative and our lawmakers in Washington, D.C.

2. Please consider supporting our men and women in blue by becoming a Back the Blue Law Enforcement Listening Session Sponsor. It costs some resources to give our law enforcement officers the platform they deserve, and you can join our efforts to back the blue with your financial support today.

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