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August 22, 2018 - 17:27
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A recent analysis of Ron Kind’s political contributions has revealed that he is heavily dependent on money from outside the district, especially from the DC metro area. He has raised relatively little from inside the district indicating that he suffers an enthusiasm gap at home and his support may not be as strong as previously believed.

To date, only 17% of overall amount raised has come from the state of Wisconsin and an even less from the 3rd Congressional District. 77% of the money raised have come from PACs and special interests and 83% have come from out of state.

This lack of in-district funding indicates either a deficiency of enthusiasm at home or a complete indifference to raising money locally. The nearly $900 thousand that he has raised from the DC metro area is almost three times what he has raised in Wisconsin.

Even more troubling is the fact that 25% of his contributions have come from Act Blue, a liberal online donation bundler. In Kind’s finance reports 1,649 individual contributions have no personal identifying information, only indicating that the contribution came from West Somerville, Massachusetts. It can be assumed that a vast majority of these donations came from outside the state of Wisconsin.

The average out-of-state donation is $622 while the average in-state donation amounted to only $90. This is yet another sign that support at home is weak and Kind is relying on deep-pocketed, national special interests to support his campaign.

It can’t be ignored that Kind has a significant war chest. However, these dollars do not translate to support in district. Voters in Southwest Wisconsin are not going to relate to a candidate who has so completely ignored his district to fund his campaign with DC and national dollars.

Between his abysmal voting record and reliance on out-of-state dollars, Ron Kind has shed any link to the Blue Dog, moderate label and has bought in 100% to the Washington, liberal establishment.

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