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Steve Doyle's Disgusting Legal Dealings Get More Attention - New Revelations

We alerted you to the disgusting legal practices of Steve Doyle early in September. Now, additional media outlets are picking up the story and

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An Incredible Presidential Record of Accomplishments

On Tuesday, November 3rd the contrast could not be greater. President Trump stands for “We the People”, law and order, and the American Flag.

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Calling out Kind's lack of commitment on the Vicki McKenna Show

The reason we're winning is we're doing the job that a candidate is supposed to be doing. It's funny that you talked about this virtual rally.

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What happened to the party of JFK?

President John F. Kennedy was a remarkable person; he took the bull by the horns and inspired America. I was 11 years old when he was assassinated and remember that day like it was yesterday.

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Monroe County’s Awesome Assemblymen

Ever since Rep.

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Truth in Political Advertising

As we wind down to Election Day 2020 this is the season to talk about truth in political advertising. I started my research on-line looking for “Truth in Advertising” and immediately found about 748,000,000 results.

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This is how Big Tech influence elections

When Facebook stifles the use of their platform to political organizations that they don't like then should that be considered as an in-kind contribution to the candidates who benefit from this authoritarian policy?

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Ron Kind Refuses to Share Stage with Van Orden at Chamber of Commerce Forum

Ron Kind is hiding because he knows I will expose the lies he continues to tell the people of the 3rd District.

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