Biden Border Crisis

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Biden Border Crisis

February 25, 2023 - 08:20
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This week, the House Judiciary Committee held our second hearing in front of a packed house on the impact of the Biden Border Crisis.

We went directly to a border town in Arizona to hear from local law enforcement about the rise in crime and fentanyl overdoses as well as farmers who spoke about the trespassing and environmental damage of illegal migrants on their crop production. We also heard from the one hospital in Yuma that they are being overrun by the surge in illegal immigration.

In fact, the hospital has provided $26 million in uncompensated care to illegal immigrants, which the Biden administration refuses to reimburse them for.

From education to health care and crime to infrastructure, illegal immigration impacts every facet of American life, and this hearing put it on full display.

It’s truly a shame that not a single Democrat even bothered to show up to the hearing.

It is no secret that over the past two years, we have seen an unprecedented number of individuals on the terror watchlist cross our border among the record-breaking tidal wave of migrants and fentanyl flooding into our nation thanks to Mexican drug cartels and their accomplices at the International Organization of Migration.

This is not a partisan issue. It is a national security issue – and its why Democrats should join with Republicans to combat the Biden administration’s dangerous and self-destructive open borders policies.

It doesn’t matter if you are Republican or Democrat, fentanyl doesn’t care what side of the aisle you are on – it kills.

In the past five months alone, Border Patrol has seized enough fentanyl to kill 100 million Americans. While I’m grateful for our agents who are on the frontlines fighting this crisis with no help from the federal government, we must do more.

The longer Washington waits, the more American lives are at stake.

That’s why over the next few months, the House Judiciary Committee will be introducing a series of immigration bills to crack down on illegal immigration, secure the southern border, and hold those in the Biden administration accountable for deliberately allowing our southern border to be wide-open.

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It’s truly a shame that not a single Democrat even bothered to show up to the hearing. It is kind of like the homeless mess, just step over them and their mess, and walk on by, but do not acknowledge the disaster. This works for Democrats.

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