Call for legislation to Ban Gun Free Zones

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Call for legislation to Ban Gun Free Zones

March 29, 2023 - 05:35
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In the wake of another terrible massacre by a crazed lunatic who disregarded all legal measures and common decency by committing the act of murdering groups of small children and adults in an elementary school in Texas Tennessee, we at are calling on legislators at all levels to do something.

Crazed lunatics have shown time and again that they have absolutely no regard for laws that are passed.

Now is the time to remove the barriers that are preventing good, God-fearing people from defending themselves and their loved ones and begin the process of healing the secularized culture that glorifies violence. We propose the following common-sense measures:

FIRST: Because 94% of all mass shootings take place in gun free zones, we call on legislators to enact a ban on them. This will allow moms, dads, teachers, and administrators to defend themselves and school children if evil lunatics ever arrive in the future.

SECOND: End the ban on prayer in public schools and return to the practice of teaching children to have good, Christian values.

Enacting these measures will not cost the taxpayers a penny but will have a significant impact on preventing future mass shootings or ending them quickly if one does occur.

Please contact your legislators and encourage them to promote these common sense ideas.

The above article was originally posted in 2022 after the Uvalde shooting. I simply changed one word so that it will now apply to the Tennessee shooting that took place. If these actions are not taken then I fear I will be re-re-posting this again when the next shooting occurs in a dangerous gun free zone where people are restricted from defending their lives and the lives of children.

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Is there really someone out there that does not understand that criminals, unstable people, bad people, and just dangerous people will pay any attention to new laws? They don't abide by the laws we have now. I assure you, I can go steal a gun within one hour, I don't have to buy one, in fact if I am going to commit a crime I am going to start by stealing a gun that they can't trace to me. And I am barely average intelligence!

The answer is to allow citizens the ability to stop these criminals, rather than allow criminals to go unchecked. We know that many of these shooters target victims who can not defend themselves.

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