Conservatives Unite!

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Conservatives Unite!

June 05, 2021 - 09:21
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I’m going to set some of your hair on fire with the following statement:

RINO’s are an important voice within the Republican Party and the Conservative movement.

Now let’s be good conservatives by taking a moment to THINK about that statement.

There was a time in American Politics when we had two pro-American political parties fighting for basically the same things but recommending different approaches to achieve it. Both Republicans and Democrats used to believe in preserving the Constitution, promoting Liberty, and other traditional American ideas like equal justice under the law. Now that the Democrat Party has completely surrendered to a Marxist agenda, that now leaves only the Republican Party as the vehicle for Pro American traditions.

The point I am trying to make here is that the RINO’s within the Republican Party are filling the role that Democrats used to (before they chose to become anti-American). That is an important perspective in our political system so I urge my fellow conservatives to stop with the ‘General Hospital’ style soap opera drama B.S. and unite so we can defeat the anti-American Democrats.

I was inspired to write about this after seeing the banal reporting following Paul Ryan’s Reagan Library speech. The blue-media Marxists are trying to trick conservatives into dividing the Republican Party by reporting about Ryan’s speech as an anti-Trump message. I watched and listened carefully to the speech and that is not at all the message I heard.

Don’t fall for the blue media Marxist attempts to divide and conquer us. While I would not consider Paul Ryan to be a RINO I understand that some might. He was never a supporter of President Trump but I believe Ryan is still conservative especially after examining his life long achievements of sane fiscal policies. Where I take fault with Ryan is his unwillingness to FIGHT for the culture of traditional American values that the Marxists are destroying. Regardless of how you choose to label him, the fact remains that Ryan’s voice, and others like him, are needed in the American political discourse. He respects the Constitution and wants America to be great again. That is enough for me to unite with him to help defeat the anti-American Democrats and I urge my fellow conservatives to do the same. Don’t play into the anti-American Democrat attempts to divide Republicans in order to conquer our nation and destroy the Constitution. That is the Democrat/Marxist end game and Republicans across the spectrum, from bright red to light pink, must unite with all Pro American Patriots if we will defeat the Marxist/Democrats.

As my favorite podcaster (now radio show host) Bongino puts it, “Cutsey time is over.” We must fight off the Democrat supported Marxist Revolution that is plaguing our nation and the best way to defeat them is to unite as Americans who still believe in the Constitution. Put aside the B.S. soap opera dramatics and focus on what is important: defeating the Marxists and making America great again!

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This organization is called Coulee Conservatives, not Coulee Republicans. We conservatives vote for Constitutional values, and that is what we need to concentrate on. If we have members who don't like a certain personality or issue, we have to understand that we are human and will have some differences. I understand politics quite well, and so I will sum up what would be the best approach taken from a great President. Ronald Reagan stated one of the Commandments was never speak badly of a republican.

We must look at the big picture and work together, the people who many refer to as RINOs, have an agenda that is destructive, but they are members of the Grand Old Party and they have been moving left, and think they need to stay with that direction. They have been offended by the new directions of the republican party, and that is responsible government, self responsibility and fiscal responsibility.

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