The Day that Changed Everything

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The Day that Changed Everything

September 11, 2021 - 08:05
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20-years ago today.

Most people reading this probably don't even remember what life was like before 9/11/2001. I know it is hard to believe how dramatically our lives have changed since that day of infamy.

It is incredibly difficult and sometimes very uncomfortable to articulate the sheer terror that many of us felt on that day. We heard about the terrible attacks. We watched the buildings crumble on our televisions.

We heard the screams of agony and despair during the live reporting.

Many of us 'locked and loaded' our home defense systems to help protect our own neighborhoods because everyone feared more attacks and no one knew where or when they might come.

Reservists called into their units to get instructions. Young men went to their recruiting offices to become part of the payback. I spoke to a friend in the Seal teams on that day and he told me they were mobilizing and 'going to work.'

Cyber sleuths scoured the Internet and dark web and sent signal intelligence to the FBI to assist in understanding where the threats were materializing.

Just thinking about the terror we felt and the millions of ways people dealt with it causes goose bumps. It is difficult to put into words the flood of emotions: anger, rage, terror. We called all our friends and family just to hear their voices and make sure they were ok.

Remember this day. Do the best you can to teach your children so that they will never forget and so they can avoid the mistakes that led up to it.

There is evil in this world. Always stay vigilant and confront evil in every way that it manifests itself or it will grow and spread and destroy. That is the greatest lesson to be learned from 9/11/2001 - Take care and God bless.

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Most Americans can't comprehend this level of Evil, they can't comprehend that someone could be driven to do such a horrific act for any reason. It is time to accept it and as the author says "stay vigilant"

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