January 6, 2021

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January 6, 2021

January 06, 2021 - 17:20
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Is it appropriate to rename 2021 to "2020 - 2.0?"

Article II, Section 1 of the United States Constitution clearly gives the authority of appointing presidential electors to the state legislatures. There are serious questions that must be answered about whether Democrat operatives in battleground states violated this section of the United States Constitution. Tens of millions of Americans around the nation believe this election was stolen. There must be a full and faithful examination of all the ballots in the states where the results were questionable if there is to ever be the kind of peace that comes through true transparency. Why are Democrats in these states hiding evidence? Why are the Democrats in the media lying about it? Why won’t Joe Biden do the right thing and demand a full audit which could be completed in 10-days? What are they hiding? Is anyone else asking these important questions?

Congress has a duty to investigate the election irregularities. Hundreds of sworn affidavits must be treated with respect and studied to see what can be done to fix the system and ensure that only LEGAL votes are counted. You see, that is the big difference here. Democrats want EVERY vote to count while Republicans want every LEGAL vote to count. The faked votes hidden away in secret digital files and then dumped into the results during the wee hours of the morning should NOT count. The mailed in votes where no valid signature is present should not count. The absentee ballots from illegal distribution sites should not count. Law matters and it is time for the lawlessness of the Democrat Party to be called out.

I have been studying the Constitution and Founding documents for decades. There is no provision in our founding documents that authorize or encourage lawless mobs. In fact, our founding fathers were very clearly opposed to the ‘tyranny of the masses’ and mob rule. All throughout 2020 I was calling this kind of behavior insurrection.

I called out the rioters in Minneapolis as insurrectionists while the Democrats ignored the violence and Joe Biden was hiding in his basement.

I called out the rioters in Seattle as insurrectionists while the Democrats ignored the violence and talking heads called the murderous behavior 'peaceful.'

I called out the rioters in Portland while the Democrats ignored the violence and cowards like Ron Kind stood silent.

Milwaukee, Atlanta, Chicago, Kenosha.... I was calling out this lawless behavior for what it was and demanding justice while Democrats twiddled their thumbs and performed mental gymnastics to twist their description of those riots and frame them as peaceful protests.

The events in D.C. on January 6th have not changed my views. All through 2020 I was calling out the violence of lawless mobs while Democrats at all levels refused to condemn the insurrection that was being executed within our nation. Suddenly, now that a Democrat is about to enter the White House, they are starting to speak out against politically motivated violence. Their hesitance for over the past few years has led to this so don’t let them fool you into believing that they have any moral authority today. They are responsible for the escalation which has come as a direct result of their inaction all of last year. Had they held all the rioters accountable last year then it would have served as a strong deterrent for what is happening now.

Let us also address the irresponsible rhetoric that has been spreading around the nation by various media outlets and pundits. To call Vice President Pence a traitor is the height of absurdity. Democrats calling for the violent removal of President Trump from office is also the height of absurdity. The fascistic tactics by social media companies to suppress free speech at the behest of Democrat officials is irresponsible and dangerous. The violent rhetoric and Marxist strategies are going to lead to further escalation and more people are going to get hurt.

Our nation is entering a very dark chapter in our history where mob rule, Marxism, and lawlessness are spreading like a wildfire and we are all about to get seriously burned. Thankfully, Christmas reminds us that a great light has come into the world that has the power to vanquish all of that. Let us set our hearts on Christ's love as we prepare to resist the evil and corruption that is about to take over the reigns of power in the federal government. I miss America. God help us.

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The corrupt media, and the censorship alliance have prevented the factual results of the American election, we just need results that are accurate. And I will say our Founders, who are my heroes, would not want us to sit back and let all their hard work go down without a fight! They worked too hard and diligent to let an evil agenda steal it in 4 short years.

The sad part is this is just the beginning. This regime will bail out the blue states with red state money, then they will pack the court, and it won't be long until we will be needing help from China, Russia, and even Cuba. I wonder what language we will be speaking. Sure hope I am wrong, but world history tells us that if this democrat team Biden/Harris get their way, we are in for a painful demise.

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