Justice Kelly Better of Two Conservatives

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Justice Kelly Better of Two Conservatives

February 11, 2023 - 08:24
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Former Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice Daniel Kelly is the better of the two conservative candidates in the upcoming February 21st Nonpartisan Primary Election for Wisconsin’s Supreme Court. The other conservative is Judge Jennifer Dorow who is currently a Waukesha County Circuit Court Judge. Either is a better choice for Wisconsin than the other two candidates that will be on the Primary Ballot.

There are several similarities in these two fine candidates to include being a Regency University School of Law graduate and being a Governor Walker appointee. Walker appointed Justice Kelly to the Supreme Court in 2016 and Judge Dorow to the Waukesha County District Court in 2011. Both will rule based on the word of law meaning they will base their judgements on the Constitution and written law. Their opponents campaign like legislative candidates sharing what they think and what they may change based on personal preferences.

Endorsements are important to political campaigns even in non-partisan judicial contests. However, endorsements must be carefully considered. Most endorsements indicate the “best choice” or “this is who I will vote for”. Some organizations treat endorsements like a “Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval” simply meaning “meets standards”. Wisconsin Right to Life, for example, has endorsed both candidates. Pro-Life Wisconsin and Wisconsin Family Action have only endorsed Justice Kelly.

Individual endorsements may present the same confusion. Both candidates share a long list of professional endorsements: primarily from County Sheriffs. However, at least six County Sheriffs have endorsed both candidates.

True, Justice Kelly lost his first re-election bid but that was in April of 2020 when there was a heated Democrat Party presidential primary on the same ballot which created a lot of interest for the Democrats to participate while there was little excitement for partisan Republicans. Judge Dorow, on the other hand, has been re-elected twice but ran unopposed both times! Plus, Kelly ran a state-wide election while Dorow’s election was only in Waukesha County. Advantage goes to Kelly.

Judge Dorow has some leadership responsibilities in the Wisconsin Circuit Courts system but Justice Kelly is the better candidate given his experience as a law clerk, special prosecutor, and his four years on the Supreme Court. Additionally, he has recently authored a manual on legislative oversight while being a Senior Fellow at the Institute for Reforming Government.

Considering campaign organization and effectiveness, I have seen Justice Kelly in western Wisconsin on many occasions compared to just once for Judge Dorow. There have been yard signs and larger ones available for Kelly for some time, but only recently for Dorow. I have even seen Kelly signs out and about; but not for Dorow.

And while Judge Dorow will do well if elected to the Supreme Court, I do have a couple of questions in need of clarification. I wonder about her earlier comments critical of cash bail. I wonder about the shooting range enterprise with a liquor license that she and her husband are trying to develop. I wonder about her experience while employed with a private law practice whose website states “…has extensive experience defending clients…accused of sex offenses.” Finally, I know one of the significant milestones in her career was the Waukesha Christmas Parade case, but I wonder about other significant highlights in her legal career.

These concerns (pending her responses) do not disqualify her as a Supreme Court candidate with a potential for success but certainly make it easier to pick Justice Kelly as the best candidate in the February 21st primary. And, if Judge Dorow makes the April ballot and Justice Kelly does not, Judge Dorow will have my support for the April General Election.

On –or before- Tuesday February 21st vote for Justice Daniel Kelly in the Primary Election for Wisconsin Supreme Court.

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Great comments on Kelly, and while Dorow has great potential, we don't have time to choose, we must concentrate on one of the great candidates, and that needs to be Kelly. He has a proven record and will hit the ground running. If we split our vote, some Kelly, some Dorrow, we could lose the chance to get a conservative on the ballot, and that would be devastating.

Now we need to get all our friends and acquaintances to get out and vote for Kelly. Be careful to not encourage any liberals or misguided people who may not support a Conservative.

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