La Crosse GOP Statement on Investigations into Election Fraud

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La Crosse GOP Statement on Investigations into Election Fraud

September 13, 2021 - 12:39
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On Thursday September 9th , 2021 the La Crosse County Republican Party voted unanimously to issue the following statement concerning investigations into possible election fraud in Wisconsin.

La Crosse County led the way in passing a resolution at our caucus in January calling for investigation

La Crosse County led the way in passing a resolution at our caucus in January calling for investigation into the November elections in Wisconsin. In fact our resolution served as a template for many other counties which passed similar resolutions.

There are currently three investigations in progress. Rep. Michelle Brandtjen heads the investigation by the Assembly Committee on Campaigns and Elections, Retired Supreme Court Justice Michael Gableman is directing another and the state’s Legislative Audit Bureau is conducting another.

Recently there have been groups demanding “a full forensic cyber audit of all 72 counties in Wisconsin.”

Such an audit would be very costly and is unnecessary.

There were many improprieties in the way our election was conducted. The mailing of hundreds of thousands of absentee ballots in Democrat cities and counties is one. Here in the city of La Crosse absentee ballots increased from 8,600 in 2016 to over 17,000 in 2020. The return rate on those ballots was 94% which resulted in an increase of over 6,000 democrat votes.

How was it possible to get such a high return rate? There were reports of people going door to door collecting ballots. Unfortunately, ballot harvesting is legal in Wisconsin. Many rural voters didn’t have the same opportunity to vote because broadband access is not available to request a ballot online.

Another problem with issuing absentee ballots online was that the Wisconsin Elections Commission improperly instructed clerks to allow people to go online and request an Indefinitely Confined Elector status absentee ballot without providing an ID. Over 200,000 people received ballots this way. This provision in state law exists for people who are truly unable to physically go and vote. The Wisconsin Supreme Court ruled on December 14 th 2020 that WEC and clerks has acted improperly.

There shouldn’t be two classes of voters in our state. All who are able should provide an ID.

Many people will point to WEC instructing clerks to “cure” absentee ballots that had missing information using red ink. The fact that these ballots were cured with red ink seems to suggest that they knew those ballots might be challenged. State law says ballots missing information are not to be counted. Would the outcome of the Presidential election in Wisconsin have changed if these ballots were not counted? We probably won’t ever know because the State Supreme Court has already ruled that the Trump lawsuit came too late.

Republicans would like to see these problems addressed. The state legislature has passed several bills attempting to do just that, but Governor Evers has vetoed all of them.

Here is the piece of information that no one is telling you. Republican candidates for Congress, state Senate and state Assembly all got more votes than Joe Biden. In fact they got about 30,000 more votes. Donald Trump actually saw a decline in his vote percentage in the Milwaukee suburbs which accounts for his loss.

Will the current investigations find counterfeit ballots and rigged voting machines? We shall soon find out. Regardless, Republican voters should be confident that their vote truly matters.

The La Crosse County Republican party has confidence in the current investigations and supports them fully.

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WI should do away with same day Registration. Reason being, it would mean that we would need to only print up the same number of ballots as the number of Registered Voters. Fraudsters would have a tougher time getting their hands on "extra" ballots as there would only be the number available for Registered Voters.

I got an unrequested Absentee ballot. I did not use it. We need to know who is voting, no one can disagree with that, unless they are trying to cheat. We owe it to our founders and our children to have fair elections at the polls.

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