Momentum is on our side

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Momentum is on our side

February 19, 2022 - 06:31
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I'm grateful for the endorsement of Governor Scott Walker. I was proud to stand with him as we enacted the most conservative agenda in America. And I'm proud to have his support now for our grassroots campaign to take back Wisconsin.

Unfortunately, you're going to hear lies from our primary opponent claiming that Scott Walker and I aren't conservative. Don't buy it. You know the truth because you fought along side us during the protests, the recalls, and the death threats from the radical left. And we never wavered.

Today, Tony Evers is holding us back. As your Governor, I will fight every day to usher forward a transformational conservative agenda that gets our state back on track. I'll cut taxes, expand school choice, and protect the sanctity of life. I'll ensure we have secure elections, clean up our streets, and ban unconstitutional mandates. We will no longer settle for mediocrity under a Governor who is simply not up for the job. It's time for a change.

With your help, we will once again make Wisconsin the envy of conservatives across the nation and a bastion of prosperity.

Are you with me?

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Me and Scott Walker, and Rebecca Kleefisch go way back, they stood for what was right when we needed them and nothing can distort that. We are fortunate to have Rebecca in this fight!

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