No Jail Janet's Dangerous Record

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No Jail Janet's Dangerous Record

March 19, 2023 - 20:44
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Milwaukee Judge Janet Protasiewicz has the nickname #NoJailJanet. A quick look at #NoJailJanet's record shows where she sentenced hardened criminals to little or no jail time. Look at the crime-ridden situation Milwaukee is in where often crimes are not prosecuted by George Soros-funded District Attorneys because witnesses are afraid to come forward and criminals are released on no cash signature bond before police officers can even file their arrest documents.

Read about #NoJailJanet on a new website where you can read about the following cases: where a man convicted of sexually assaulting three girls received NO PRISON time or where a 25-year-old man who got a 15-year-old girl pregnant received NO PRISON time because of COVID [the following year, the defendant killed a 17-year-old woman in a drunk-driving crash] or where a mother who starved her special needs 16-year-old son to death received NO PRISON [the boy was so severely malnourished that he only weighed 42 pounds when he died] or where a man who kidnapped a 15-year-old girl off the street and sexually assaulted her received NO PRISON time or when #NoJailJanet gave a repeat criminal a slap on the wrist after he tried to have a witness in his case killed.

We need Law & Order Justice, not a bleeding-heart Liberal deciding cases with her feelings. Vote for Justice Daniel Kelly on Tuesday, April 4th.

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This person can not, will not, and has no intention of standing up and upholding our Constitution. She does not like Wisconsin or America. We are great because of our Constitution and without it we will fail a miserable demise.

Please Vote for Justice Daniel Kelly on Tuesday, April 4th.

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