On to November

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On to November

August 13, 2022 - 07:37
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We are excited to unite the party under last night’s primary election winners:

  • Ron Johnson for U.S. Senate
  • Tim Michels for Governor
  • Roger Roth for Lieutenant Governor
  • Eric Toney for Attorney General
  • John Leiber for State Treasurer
  • Amy Loudenbeck for Secretary of State

Unlike the Democrats, who didn’t trust their primary voters and pressured their candidates to fall in line, we are grateful that Republicans were able to make their own informed choices thanks to our candidates’ willingness to step up to the plate and bring their unique perspectives to the table.

Now, the real work begins.

I don’t have to tell you everything that’s on the line. You know that this election is about fighting back against the failed Democrat agenda that has caused prices to soar, crime to spike, and our kids’ education to crumble.

It’s critical that we re-elect Ron Johnson, send Tim Michels to the Governor’s Office, and succeed in races across the state.

Our field teams have already made over 1 million voter contacts across the state, and we’re opening offices to bring our message to communities across Wisconsin. But as coastal liberals from New York and California pour money into our state, we need to make sure we can continue these efforts and compete to win.

Elections are a game of inches in Wisconsin. Your donation could be what makes the difference. Can you help?

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To quote one of the authors in another article
"Politics is no longer an optional hobby to participate in. This is an emergency situation to try and save the life of America! Her heart has stopped and the only thing that will revive her now is a shock from defibrillators. That shock must be an overwhelming wave of Republican wins all across the country this November to remove the cancerous, radical Democrat, one party rule in Washington"

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