Ron Johnson Was Right All Along

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Ron Johnson Was Right All Along

August 28, 2022 - 07:29
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It is clear to all of us that Ron was right about Biden family corruption, that he uncovered in 2020 and that was buried by the FBI and social and mainstream media. He has been proven right, as he has been so many times on so many issues. See this federalist article outlining more about corrupt FBI activity and see Ron’s 8/24/22 press release below:

Ron has new material on his Just the Truth site, please read and share with naysayers or anyone who is believing the democrat and media lies:

Also, see and share this op-ed written by the president of the 60 Plus American Association of Senior Citizens entitled, “Actually Ron Johnson is a champion for the future of both Social Security and Medicare”.

See Ron’s campaign website for press releases on the Kenosha riots, Ron’s plan for fixing Social Security and Medicare and the real Mandela Barnes.

See and share the “True Mandela Barnes” story from Dan O’Donnell:

Please ignore the lies. Spread the truth!

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Ron Johnson is an honest, hardworking, successful businessman, with a great track record and then we have Jesse Mandella Barns, whose father worked the 3rd shift. I tried hard to learn more about Mandella's early life, it is a mystery in my research.

Mandella is a socialist, and history shows us Socialism has failed every time it has been tried. And it is a miserable death.

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