Serious Concerns in Holmen School District

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Serious Concerns in Holmen School District

December 07, 2021 - 19:11
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Several subscribers of who reside in Holmen and send their children to the schools in that district have brought their serious concerns to our attention.

First, Dr. Kristin Mueller who leads the administration, appears to be promoting racism among the staff by encouraging attendance at workshops such as “Cultivating Cultural Empathy to Overcome White Supremacy Thinking.” Note the school staff calendar promoting the event as ‘Flexible Staff Development’ time.

This is what the taxpayers in Holmen School District are paying for? Check out their public calendar of events:

Second, and far more disturbing, is the evidence that has been piling up via Facebook that the Holmen Middle School staff is allegedly distributing pornography to students in the form of a picture book called, "It's Perfectly Normal." Our staff at is keeping a close eye on these developments and we’ll continue to report on any possible criminal investigations as details are made available.

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Somehow, I don't think the Holmen School District is unique! This type of stuff has been in the national news and our oft response is "That doesn't happen here!" But. it does. There is a similar issue in Sparta with "questionable" books being available in their school library system.

Another issue in Sparta is their great effort to limit "public input" --part of the reasons for a recent recall effort where two school board members resigned.

The spring elections for School Boards is critical now more than ever and education will be a hot topic in the fall elections as well. Look at the facts -- events in the national news also happen in the Coulee Region!

Some people are abusive and racist, this has been with us forever. What we do now, is blame every member of society because a few are bad. We must move on, it is time to take the good things we can find, and expand on them. Those who sit back and say I can't do it because I am abused and stifled, are held back by their own willingness to ignore obstacles and go for it.

Our school administration needs to stop promoting racism, and start expanding the idea that no matter what has happened in the past, or even this morning, it is time to take this great educational opportunity and go out and conquer the world. Students will have some setbacks, but take your brains, ambition, and work ethic and you can thrive. Be proud that you can overcome anything the whiners put in front of you!

It is also time to stop spending educational dollars on what is perceived as political correctness, that actually is nothing more than a slap in the face to the average person!

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