Spring Local Elections Materializing

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Spring Local Elections Materializing

December 11, 2021 - 08:34
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Spring elections are all about our local communities and there will be some interesting races in La Crosse County which may have a tremendous impact on the future of our region. You can find details about who is signing up for office by visiting the County Clerk's page here.

On that page you will see a link to CANDIDATES REGISTERED FOR OFFICE -2022

Here are the candidates that CouleeConservatives.com are following:

  • Joe Konradt
  • Ralph Pete Geary
  • Barb Janssen
  • Megan Pauley
  • Roger J. Plesha
  • Ellie McLoone
  • Chris Woodard
  • Richard Korish
  • Heidi Worminghaus
  • Abby P. Siakpere
  • Dan Ferries
  • Jack Pogreba
  • Mike Baroni
  • Hubert Hoffman
  • Jordan R. Briskey
  • Robert Abraham
  • Sandy Turner
  • Kevin Hoyer
  • Dennis Jake Jacobsen
  • David H. Hundt
  • Dan Hesse
  • Guy Valiquette
  • Ken Schlimgen
  • Dustin Frost

In the City of La Crosse, the Clerk has not posted any details about who is registered as a candidate. Check here

The City of Onalaska lists candidates in a PDF linked from the page here

The Village of Holmen does not list candidates on the Clerk's page here

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Your county elected people are a massive influence on your representation and taxes. Local government controls so much of your life and what you can do. You must get their blessing to build anything, or even update your house or barn. They also are a major part of your tax bill, so it is time to take a good look at who runs for office and who gets elected!

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