Statement of No Confidence in Wisconsin State-wide Elections

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Statement of No Confidence in Wisconsin State-wide Elections

February 18, 2022 - 06:47
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The following statement of concern is made to encourage and remind Republican leaders at all levels that Elections Integrity remains the #1 issue of Republican voters. We must do everything we can to defend the rule of law and give electors confidence that their vote counts.

Copies of this statement will be provided to RPW Chairman Paul Farrow, regional legislators, candidates for Governor and Attorney General, Chairs of 3rd and 7th Republican Congressional Districts and other influencers.

The good news is that the Wisconsin Elections Commission (WEC) was forced by a Wisconsin Circuit Court follow the elections law. WEC will send a letter to all municipal clerks rescinding guidance allowing ballot drop boxes and individuals other than the voter to turn in absentee ballots.

Wisconsin Elections Commission removes guidance on drop boxes, who can return absentee ballots

We must do everything we can to fight and take our country back. This may be our last chance. We must replace feckless Tony Evers and Josh Kaul with strong, principled, Conservative leaders. We must re-elect our amazing U.S. Senator Ron Johnson. We must elect Derrick Van Orden as our Congressman representing the 3rd District and re-elect Tom Tiffany in the 7th District. We must VOTE. We cannot stay home. We must fight to save this country for our kids and grandkids.

Read the full statement here

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How is it anyone can stand up for the idea of not proving you are a legitimate voter, they are calling us fools, when we let them make their demands, saying that someone can't get an ID. Allowing an illegitimate vote cancels a vote from a legitimate voter. All forms of votes need to be accurate and valid. And like the author states, we must stop this nonsense.

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