We need NEW leadership

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We need NEW leadership

February 11, 2022 - 15:50
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From the Holmen School District all the way up to the White House with bureaucrats like Dr. Fauci, it is clear that the only science our current leadership cares about is Political Science. For several months, scientists studying virology have released multiple studies proving that masks have little to no impact on the spread of COVID-19. In addition, there is ZERO evidence that children are at great risk, and yet, local leaders on the Holmen School Board are still mandating that children wear masks. They have even gone as far as forbidding parents from speaking about this issue at School Board meetings. Now that it is clear these leaders are only motivated by Political Science, what are the odds that they will lift these mandates right before the Spring election in a cynical effort to trick voters into voting for them again? We need NEW leadership. Chad Updike and Josh Neumann are on the ballot in Holmen and they have earned my vote this Spring.

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"It is clear that the only science our current leadership cares about is Political Science"

It amazes me that I can get all kinds of information on Covid, its treatment and the dangers of the jab from leading miedical experts from around the world, and yet, MSM and digital counterparts, ONLY report on how "safe and effective" the jab is, and how great a threat C19 is. NOTHING on how numbers are exaggerated (EG: LIzzy FAUXCOHONTAS' brother famously "Died" of C19 early on. But I suppose his stage 4 cancer, his recent heart attacks and pneumonia previously had nothing to do with his death. Likewise, Gen. Colin Powell had a fatal form of blood cancer, and that too had nothing to do with his death. ANd one story that got in the news locally in Colorado, a DEMOCRAT coroner reports that of the 5 then recent C19 deaths, 2 had gun shot wounds to the head.

Oh and the "good" Dr. FRAUDCI commends the tyrannical work of former Gov. CUOMO, who sent sick patients to upstate nursing homes, killing some 15,000. The results of his policies led to NY having the second highest death rate in the nation. Some example.

There is outrage after outrage, scandal after scandal and from the usual suspects, from award winning news reporters, crickets.

Look at Wisconsin DHS for statistics. Statistics show if you get vaccinated you will have a better chance of recovery from the virus. It is a matter of pick your poison. It is your choice.
There have been sick people die from covid as perfectly healthy people die.
If you do any research about New York you will find the virus was in the nursing homes long before Cuomo sent patients to nursing homes. The virus was brought into nursing homes by visitors and staff and then had community spread in the nursing homes. The peak deaths in the nursing homes was long before the transfer of covid patients into nursing homes. The patients were recovering should have been not contagious to others. This still does not mean some recovering patients could have been contagious to others and created more spread. So Cuomo responsible yes, but not to the extent some of the news outlets have.
Try to find non partisan news, non partisan facts on topics, its hard since the fairness in reporting doctrine was repealed in 1987 and all the misinformation spewed all over the internet.

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