What would Reagan say?

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What would Reagan say?

February 23, 2022 - 07:52
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I was thinking about the Ukraine crisis, and I wonder what the wisdom of Ronald Reagan would say to the world about the situation that we see in Europe.

I think Reagan would take the lead and say......The older I get, and the more history I learn, I know we have come to the point of human civility...or perhaps I should say is that most of us have.

Prehistoric man had a hard time communicating so when someone came after us with a club or a spear, we clubbed him, took his spear, and moved on. The Romans accomplished their goals with brute force, with little concern for their enemy. Some of the Europeans abused the people who were on this continent when they got here.

It seems now that it is so barbaric for any civilized nation to annex any property against the will of that neighbor. Far more barbaric to literally shoot and bomb them for one’s own goals or selfish desires.

We are all human, we love our children, we all have goals and the desire to survive and thrive. No man or country should take up arms and brutally abuse any nation or civil society for any reason ever. The year is 2022, we can get along in the Olympic games, where we all work for fair competition, and we act civil when one’s accomplishment is better than our own.

It is time to get along, treat all people and nations fairly. Defense is an honorable policy, offense is despicable.

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Yes, Ronald Reagan, possibly had the most finesse and charisma of all presidents or statesmen of my lifetime. But now I wonder if he could put this in perspective in a tactful way. After all, Reagan tactfully called the Soviet union the Evil empire, and that was 40 years ago. Well, the Soviet Union collapsed, but the Evil has resurfaced, and now it is the vermin named Putin. For the sake of humanity, I hope all people shun this psychopath and call him that, in the world news. And add to that evil, selfish, despicable, failure of a man, egomaniac that is lower than sewer scum.

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