Wisconsin Sporting Freedom

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Wisconsin Sporting Freedom

October 16, 2021 - 14:23
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Republicans introduced a package of bills to increase and protect sporting freedom in Wisconsin. Legendary rocker and outdoorsman Ted Nugent visited the Capitol to help highlight the importance of the legislation.

Outdoor enthusiasts are at the forefront of conservation and preservation efforts and it is extremely important to the hundreds of thousands of sportsmen and women in our state that these traditions are protected and taken seriously by lawmakers in Madison. It is vital that these rights are preserved for our future generations of outdoor enthusiasts.

The bills are currently in circulation for co-sponsorship and will be scheduled for committee hearing later this fall.
Pheasant Management Bill

  • Increases the minimum number of pheasants being planted to 200,000 and would improve the identification of the properties where the pheasants are planted, increasing access to hunting.

Turkey Hunting Simplification Bill

  • Modifies administrative rules relating to the hunting of wild turkeys to combine hunting zones and seasons to just two zones and two seasons

Mentored Hunt Bill

  • Allows an individual to satisfy the in-person field testing requirement for the hunter’s safety program by participating in a mentored hunt.

Wisconsin Brook Trout Bill

  • Sets a minimum number of 100,000 brook trout that would be required to be raised by the DNR.

DNR Regulation Simplification Bill

  • Requires the DNR to eliminate three rules every time they propose adding another rule.

DNR Hunting License Categories Simplification Bill

  • Requires the DNR to prepare a report that identifies ways to consolidate or eliminate hunting, fishing, and trapping approvals to reduce the total number of types of licenses
    DNR is required to issue.

Sandhill Crane Hunting Season Bill

  • Requires the DNR to authorize the hunting of sandhill cranes by individuals who have completed a sandhill crane hunter education course and who possess the appropriate approval issued by the DNR to help manage the growing sandhill crane population in Wisconsin.

Constitutional Carry Bill

  • Guarantees Wisconsinites would be able to exercise their constitutional right to carry a gun under the rights already afforded to them by the 2nd Amendment of the U.S. Constitution.

DNR Habitat Transparency Bill

  • Increases transparency and accountability by requiring the DNR to create a biennial work plan that establishes priorities and goals for habitat work on lands managed by DNR and measures progress on established priorities and goals.

DNR Public Lands Access Report Bill

  • Requires the DNR to prepare a report that identifies public access opportunities on all lands owned or managed by DNR, land acquired under the Warren Knowles-Gaylord Nelson stewardship program, and open managed forest lands.

Dog Training Bill

  • Requires the DNR to make available on the Go Wild website dog training licenses. Currently, this license is not available there and that makes it harder for hunters to comply.

Aquaculture Partnership Bill

  • Requires the DNR to prepare a report that identifies opportunities for partnering with the private aquaculture industry for increased stocking of desirable sport fish in lakes and streams.

Farm-raised Game Bovid

  • Wisconsin hunters will have an opportunity to hunt non-native bovids, some of which are already being raised on Wisconsin game farm.

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I am not so sure this helps to reach the people who need convincing. I continue to say that we need to appeal to those in the middle, so my take on this is we lose more than we win when we bring in a bit of a divisive person.

I am a life member in the NRA. We supporters of these issues, see this as interesting and supportive, those who don't like hunting and guns, find it upsetting. I would not care, but we need some support from them. The Second Amendment is one of the few things we have in common with some on the left.

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