Governor's budget is absolutely devoid of reality

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Governor's budget is absolutely devoid of reality

February 18, 2023 - 09:33
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On Wednesday, Governor Evers delivered his budget address, and like his last two, it's filled with unsustainable amounts of spending – a 23% increase in the first year alone! His desire to grow the size of government and spend recklessly move Wisconsin in the wrong direction.

The tax cuts are hand-picked rather than for all Wisconsinites and are almost equal to the number of tax increases he's proposing. Governor Evers' tax increases would cost taxpayers nearly $1.4 billion.

While we may agree on the major issues facing the state, we disagree on the solutions. We will instead be going back to base for our budget – funding our priorities, addressing our obligations, cutting taxes and preparing for the future.

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We need to elect people who have had a private sector job, a job where you need to be profitable and face consequences. We have so many people working on these budgets, who just want to be nice to the poor, unfortunate, and lazy people. Many of them think that it is the government's place to provide everything, like healthcare, food, housing, income, childcare, and love. We have a constitution that limits government and does not offer all of these, and for the most part, it forbids extorting money from productive people to pay for it. Kindness was always fashionable, but socialism was not part of our American history

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