Is Justice by Mob Rule Really Justice?

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Is Justice by Mob Rule Really Justice?

April 25, 2021 - 11:12
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An extraordinary event in American history, from hero to felon and from felon to hero. No one is telling the complete history of George Floyd, but someone must. Will BLM attempt to intimidate any disclosure of this man's complete history?

It took nine minutes and 29 seconds to turn an American hero into a felon, and in that same time frame we turned an American felon thug into a hero.

Derek Chauvin got up and went out on the streets to help maintain peace and justice, like he had for many years.

George Floyd got up to spend one more day as a thug, use some illegal drugs, and cheat a business owner out of hard-earned money.

Yes, the thug ended the day a hero, the police officer ended the day branded for life as a felon.

What has happened to America? What has really happed to Justice.

Between 1997 and 2005, George Floyd was convicted of eight crimes. One can only imagine how many crimes he committed for which he was not apprehended or charged.

George Floyd faced a possible 40-year prison sentence for a 2007 aggravated robbery in a home invasion conviction but he only served four years in prison after a plea bargain was accepted.

George Floyd was currently unemployed the day his heart stopped.

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This is an interesting article, it is a very sad story for everyone involved. I did watch some of the court case, and I saw much of the video. What I did see was that Chauvin was a back up officer to the arrest, according to his and other cameras, he observed for quite a long time, and then tried to help get Floyd under control.

He did not swear, strike, or disrespect Floyd, he never lost his temper he did pitch in and get control of Floyd, and likely put more pressure on his neck than he should have. I will not judge that as I know that it took 5 Trempealeau County Sherriff deputies to get control of a 125 pound woman who was high on PCP. The job of these officers is very difficult, perhaps they do get a bit used to the level of mayhem when a difficult arrest is being made.

We will not have good applicants for police jobs in the future, they will not gamble that under a stressful situation, that we the people will understand the split second decision that they need to make to stay alive or keep someone else alive.

Watching the video, I did hear Floyd say many times while he was first in the police car, that "I can't breath" he repeated that when he was not restrained at all, so I can see how Chauvin would not give much credence to him saying that. Remember the boy who cried wolf?

Again, there are no winners here.

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