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June 03, 2020 - 04:23
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It’s official. We are on the ballot November 3rd!

Yesterday the Wisconsin Elections Commission officially approved us to be on the ballot. Because of you, we collected more nomination paper signatures than can officially be counted.

I asked for your help and you delivered. In only a few weeks over 800 supporters joined you to get our name on the ballot and our campaign off the ground.

But as you know, this is just the beginning to our campaign and I ask for your continued support which has been tremendous so far.

This has not been the typical start to the campaign season. One thing I know for certain is the democrats want to keep this Senate seat, and they are going to stop at nothing to get it.

My opponent continues to talk about bi-partisanship and working together. But we know that’s not his record. The last three bosses my opponent worked for were Ron Kind, Tony Evers, and Barack Obama.

His views align with the far left and other Democratic leaders in Washington - not with us, the hardworking people of Western Wisconsin.

That is why I need your help to jump start our campaign. Please click here to help us get this started! With a little help today, we can make sure we can continue to get our message out.

I have no problem defending my record on the issues. My priority has always been what’s best for Western Wisconsin and my past record supports that.

Again, thank you to the many who took the time to submit a nomination paper. Whether it was one signature, or a paper with every space filled in it means so much to me to have your support.

I hope I have the pleasure of meeting each and every one of you on the campaign trail.


Dan Kapanke
Candidate for the 32nd Senate Seat

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The community was very fortunate to have Dan Kapanke as our Senator, and will be again. Dan, is exactly who we need in our Senate, he has real life experiences and has a track record as a hard working person who can and will make things happen. He is also a true gentleman!

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