Confluence of Disastrous Policies

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Confluence of Disastrous Policies

August 18, 2021 - 13:38
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I want to thank all the voters who helped put Democrats in power at this time in history. Your votes led to Democrats controlling both houses of Congress in addition to the White House and the results of your efforts are now serving as a perfect case study in why it is so dangerous to put Democrats in control of anything.

If Democrats were going to deliberately destroy America, then how might they achieve that? Might they force our schools to teach ideas specifically designed to divide our children by race, religion, and gender? Might they ignore our immigration laws so an invasion of COVID infected people could flood into our nation without any idea what their intentions are? Might they allow Iran to build nuclear weapons? Might they allow terrorists to take control of Afghanistan and abandon our friends?

The scariest situation is that Democrats are doing all these, and the confluence of disastrous policies could very well culminate in an Iranian nuke being carried across our southern border by a Taliban thug.

Thank you, Democrats, for showing all voters just why they should NEVER trust you with any kind of power ever again.

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Yes, if you vote democrat, you can see what you have elected, we need to elect people who understand why America is great and why it has survived. Please read the Constitution and keep reading until you understand why America is the longest running republic/democracy in the history of the world. America is/was the envy of the world for one reason, and that is our Constitution!

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