Proud to Live in Holmen

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Proud to Live in Holmen

October 26, 2021 - 00:25
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At the Holmen School Board meeting the most controversial vote was about giving the board a 5% boost while teachers received only a 2.5% increase.

I’m proud to live in a community full of thoughtful people who care enough to participate. Each of the people who spoke on the issues were polite and thoughtful in their comments whether they agreed or disagreed with the board's decision. The same cannot be said about some in the audience.

A handful of attendees who were there to support the board booed under their breath and sneered at those of us who opposed the board’s increase. One of them even stuck a phone in my face in an attempt to provoke a reaction then called us ‘degenerates’ when leaving.

I don’t understand how someone becomes so full of hatred that they cannot participate in a civil disagreement. Why do they resort to name calling so quickly? Thankfully, the VAST majority in attendance were very polite. It is sad that only a few bad apples can ruin the whole experience.

To those who are considering more involvement with your community I recommend that you show up to meetings. If you really become inspired, then take out papers in December and put your name on the ballot. Our communities and neighbors are worth your time. Your participation will lead to mutual respect as you come to know that we all want the best for our community. Even if we disagree on how to achieve it.

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Community involvement is important! If calm, intelligent, knowledgeable, and thoughtful people don't get involved, we get government by those who don't have those qualities.

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